Will Pest Control Hurt Dogs? (Greenville, SC Exterminators)

August 27, 2020

It is very common now to see pets like dogs, cats, birds, or fishes inside someone's home. Increasingly more people are now having pets because of the several benefits these creatures bring to our lives. Especially during this pandemic, you need a cute doggie to be your couch companion. A home is definitely not complete without a pet as they bring us joy and become our stress relievers.

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One of the most common kinds of pets a homeowner chooses to have are dogs. In the very distant past, our ancestors used to just leave them outside their houses, serving as their guard against thieves and burglars. But now, dogs have evolved into man’s best friend and have become so much more than a guard and our partner to protect our homes. We consider them as part of our family. We welcome them inside and we let them sleep beside us in our beds, sit with us on our couch and we let them move around freely inside our homes. In fact, most people now provide the same level of attention to dogs as if they were their own child. I am sure everyone can attest to this.

What Happens If There Are Pests On Your Pets?

If there is pest infestation in your home, you do not just immediately take action by using pesticides or insect sprays if you have dogs living with you. You, as a homeowner and at the same time, a pet lover, would also think of ways on how you can resolve your pest problem without causing damages to your home and harming the people as well as any pets living in your home. After all, they are not just pets but also family members. More importantly, they are living creatures too.

Most pest control treatments, when performed accordingly, should not affect pets like cats or dogs. However, some are not safe for them so it is important to know the products first before using them. Pesticides include ingredients that deemed effective in killing pests. Thus, putting the health of humans and dogs at risk. 

Protecting Your Dogs

Here are the things we can do to protect our beloved pets from the risk they can get from pest control:

Read The Label

If you decide to do pest control treatment on your own, you will most likely end up buying an insect spray or pesticide over the counter. Before using any products, make sure to read and understand the label. Labels are created for a good reason. This is one of the requirements if you want to sell pesticides in the market.

Labels help us know the content or ingredients of a product, direction, or instructions on how the product must be used and some warnings associated if you choose to use the item. By reading the label, you’ll know immediately if this is something you can use to treat pests while your dog is around. There are pest sprays that are known to be safe for pets which you can purchase in stores. Instead of buying strong pesticides made of chemicals, you might want to get the pet-friendly ones instead. This is so you do not have to worry from time to time thinking that the treatment you have chosen to get rid of pests will put your dog's life in danger.

Know Where To Put Your Baits And Traps

Most people do not use baits and traps in getting rid of pests when they have dogs inside their home. The reason is that they know that if they choose this kind of treatment, their pets will also be exposed and will put them at risk too. Imagine putting a trap in the corners of your home where your dog normally rests or putting some baits close to where you normally feed them. This will certainly hurt them because they might get themselves into the trap before the pests do. Or they will be the first to ingest the bait before the pests even discover it. But with proper planning and strategy, you can prevent this scenario.

Before placing baits and traps anywhere in your home, investigate where these pests normally go. At the same time, remember the areas where your dogs normally stay too. Once you know this, make sure to place the baits and traps safely in hidden areas where your pets can't reach it.

Know When To Use Pesticides Or Sprays

Never apply pesticides while you and your dog are inside the house. If it cannot be avoided and you really need to use sprays, it is best to do it in the morning so you can bring your dog outside for a walk. Stay outside the house for an hour or so. As soon as you return, you may open the doors and windows to allow fresh air inside. This will help lessen the strong smell caused by the spray you used before you leave. It is recommended to seek help from pest control technicians if the infestation is severe.

They will likely tell you to leave the house for a few hours. These professionals do not just apply solutions in just one spot, but they do so in all corners of your home to make sure that your pest problem is completely eliminated at the end of the day. If possible, choose to leave the house at least half the day, or take this opportunity to spend a quick getaway or vacation with your family and your lovely furbabies. A 1-night accommodation in a hotel or friend’s house is not a bad idea after all.

Consult A Professional And Check If There Are Products Safe For Pets

Hiring a pest control technician would be the best option if you want to ensure your pest problem will be resolved safely and effectively. They are knowledgeable when it comes to pest elimination. Whatever kind of pests you may be dealing with, they surely have the right solution to offer. Once you tell them what kind of pest problem you are facing, they will come up with an ideal solution. These professionals carefully choose and mix products in a way they know it would be effective. Pest technicians know which products and what treatment is best to use when there are pets around. So, feel free to spend a few minutes of your time to talk to them if you do not want to put your family and pet’s health at risk.

If you suspect your dog has been poisoned by pesticides, the first thing you should do is contact your veterinarian. He can advise you whether to bring the dog in the clinic or you can do first aid by yourself. Remember, veterinarians are the best people to talk to in such life-threatening situations like this. If we consult them the soonest we can, our pets will have the best chance of survival.

1. If you think the poison has only infected your dog's skin, bathe them immediately. Make sure to wash and rinse the pet properly. Doing so will remove the poison in their skin which could be transferred to their mouth by biting herself and eventually be swallowed and may lead to a more serious problem.

2. If the poison was ingested by the pet, they need to be able to release this through vomiting. The veterinarian knows how to make a pet vomit and will explain how to do this on your own. Most of the time, they will just ask you to use salt water and diluted hydrogen peroxide.

3. Some vets would recommend giving activated charcoal or Endosorb. Though, make sure to consult your vets first before giving some. The required amount depends on the case of the pet being poisoned

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