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August 31, 2020

When we see squirrels, we think of them as adorable, harmless, and cute creatures. In reality, though, having squirrels as pets is a really bad idea. Yes, they look cute and lovable but they are rodents and are considered pests. It is not recommended to own a squirrel because unlike other animals, like dogs, cats, fish, and birds, they can be aggressive and require full attention. Worse, they can cause damage to your property. 

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They have constantly growing incisors and therefore they have to continuously chew so their teeth won't overgrow. They have the same habit and almost the same diet as rats and mice. The typical size of a squirrel is about 10 to 70 cm. They are slim creatures with long legs and bushy tails. Their color depends on their kind.

Most squirrels are herbivorous and prefer to eat seeds, berries, nuts, tree bark, and fungus. Ground squirrels eat farm crops, while those tree squirrels or flying squirrels are carnivorous and eat insects, small amphibians, bird eggs, moths, and young hatchlings.

Though squirrels look harmless and cute, they can destroy landscaping, cause damage to your home and garden. These creatures also carry rabies which means that they pose a risk to human beings like us. It’s not easy to get rid of them because they tend to attack humans when they feel threatened or when they are protecting their young ones. They can go crazy if they need to escape. They will scratch or bite you if needed just for them to be able to get away from you.

There Are About 200 Different Kinds Of Squirrels But The Most Common Are The Following: 

Grey squirrels - This type of squirrels are known for their signature grey color but they may also have black fur. Species of this kind can process acorn more efficiently than other types of squirrels and because of that, they normally leave their nests to forage even during cold weather when food is scarce.

Fox squirrels - Also known as giant black squirrels. They are known as the largest kind of squirrels; they can grow to 17 to 27 inches long. The usual colors of this type of squirrels are black to gray, and tan or gold. They have blackheads with white noses, ears, and feet. The others have a reddish color with a touch of tan and orange but you will never see any white markings on them.

Ground squirrels - These round-tailed squirrels are social and live in small colonies. These creatures prefer to live in the ground like grassy areas such as pastures, parks, and cemeteries. They also dig burrows and create tunnels to live in.

Flying squirrels - Flying squirrels are small tree squirrels but they actually glide not fly. They do not have wings but they stretch out their legs to form a kind of parachute, enabling them to glide from branch to branch. Of all kinds of pests, they are the least concerning because they only become pests once they start invading people’s homes. They do cause damage to doors and produce strange odors. They also do damage with their urine and the noise they make normally in the attic or roof because of their nocturnal activities are very disturbing.  

Signs Of Squirrel Infestation

If you suspect squirrel infestation, the first thing to do is to look for signs. The signs of a squirrel infestation are just the same with other kinds of pests. You look for feces on the floor, in the corners of your home, and in the garage or attic. Seeing pipes, wires, and insulation that have been damaged or chewed on, as well as food bags and boxes that have been chewed through are sure signs. You will also hear some scratching and scurrying in the roof and attics or behind the walls—just like when there are rats and mice in your house.

Can Squirrels Cause Damage? 

Squirrels are known as pests and they certainly cause different kinds of damages to our properties. These creatures constantly chew to control their teeth from growing and to make their nests. They can cause damage to the structure of your home, garden, and electrical wirings which can lead to a fire if not prevented. 

Damages Squirrels Can Cause To Our Homes

Squirrels chew openings to build nests. Once they get inside your home, most of the time in your garage or attic, they will start to chew on insulation and wires which can lead to a fire. They also run along with cables and utility power wires which eventually can short out the transformers. Like rats, they also target the food in your kitchen. Eating nuts, cereals, and whatever kind of food they will see inside your home, they will not stop until there is no more to feat on. 

Damages Squirrels Can Cause To Our Garden Or Landscape

Like other pests, a squirrel can cause severe damage to a landscape or your garden. These creatures love chewing on the bark and twigs of trees and shrubbery and they also dig in lawns for nuts and berries. Some species dig holes or tunnels so they have a place to live in or place where they can store their food. 

Pose Risks To Humans

Similar to other pests such as rats and mice, these creatures are commonly believed to carry rabies. If a squirrel happens to bite you, immediately wash the wound that was bitten by the squirrel with water and soap, doing this will serve as your first aid. After doing this, contact a doctor to check what your next step should be.  

How Can I Get Rid Of Squirrels?

It is a bit challenging to get rid of squirrels. These creatures are aloof to human beings and run as quickly as possible. They also become aggressive when you start catching them. 

  • Trim tree branches that may serve as their way to your attic or roof. Some squirrels love to stay in trees and when there’s an opportunity, they use this to enter home attics. 

  • If there are holes or cracks in the foundation, best to repair them because these serve as squirrels number one entry point.

  • Remove any food source like bird seeds and nuts because this is the first thing that will attract squirrels from invading your home. 

  • There are also traps specifically made for squirrels. These traps are available in stores and are found to be effective in catching these aggressive and tricky squirrels. 

  • There are also squirrel repellents you can buy over the counter. If you will go with this method, be sure to read the label before using it as this will help you with directions and precautions. Never use repellents without checking the label. 

  • There are also things or smells that squirrels hate. For example, cayenne and white pepper. These spices are just some of the things that discourage squirrels. Try sprinkling some white pepper and cayenne if you suspect they are attacking your garden. They also dislike black pepper and garlic. If you spot a squirrel in your kitchen, you may put some pepper in the area where you see the squirrels or place some crushed garlic in the kitchen or in places that might or will serve as their entry points. For example, in your door, windows, or any holes where they might enter. 

  • Last but not the least, contact a pest control professional to help you solve your pest or squirrel problem. Hiring a pest control company to solve your pest problem is one the greatest decision you’ll ever make. Do not stress yourself too much thinking of ways on how you can effectively get rid of squirrels. Rather, leave the job to the experts and save time and yourself from the headache this creature can bring. 

Squirrels are difficult and dangerous to eliminate so it’s better to hire a professional to help you solve this problem than get rid of them on your own. They run very fast and become aggressive if someone tries to catch them. For your pest control needs, trust only one name. Choose the best pest control experts in Charlotte, Go-Forth Pest control.

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