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What Does The Presence Of Ants Tell You?

Ants never live alone. They have a tight social structure, and all of them live in a nest.  An ant is fully committed to the survival of the colony and is given certain tasks. The life of the colony… Read More

Ants In The House: Simple Ways To Get Rid Of Them

While ants are beneficial insects out in the wild, they are definitely irritating pests when inside our homes.  Do you know that they are not just irritating and annoying pests? Read More

When Marching Ants Attack

In an ant colony, there is no such thing as a "king". A colony is led by a queen.  The queen ant’s role is to lay as many eggs as she can. Some species can lay millions.  The queen has wings… Read More

Here Comes The Ant

Ants bite and sting humans. Their stings are unprovoked and can be quite painful. Suffice it to say that ants are very annoying. Some species can also kill humans because of their sting.  Read More

A Simple And Effective Ant Killer

There are more or less 10,000 species of ants, and they are found all throughout the world, except for Antarctica. Most ants actually live in the forests, where they do a lot of good. It is said that… Read More

How To Get Ants Out Of The Car

Unless you dipped your car in a river of chocolate, it would be very difficult for the ants to get inside a car. But if you are one of the unlucky ones who do have them inside your vehicle, you would… Read More


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