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Well Reviewed Ant Exterminator In High Point, NC

Do you ever wonder why you see ant trails in your home? Maybe your home has a lot of food sources, moisture, and a good ambiance that makes them feel at home. Whatever the reason is, when you have… Read More

What Do Professionals Use To Kill Ants? (Winston-Salem…

Did you know that some ants are more dangerous than others? You'll want to know what types of ants you are dealing with when you are trying to use ant control in your home, business, or apartment. Read More

Be Free From Ants This Christmas Season

Ants are highly social insects and live in a colony. They communicate well with each other and work as a team. A colony is led by a queen. A colony may have one or more queens, depending on the… Read More

Ants In The House: Simple Ways To Get Rid Of Them

While ants are beneficial insects out in the wild, they are definitely irritating pests when inside our homes.  Do you know that they are not just irritating and annoying pests? Read More

When Marching Ants Attack

In an ant colony, there is no such thing as a "king". A colony is led by a queen.  The queen ant’s role is to lay as many eggs as she can. Some species can lay millions.  The queen has wings… Read More

Here Comes The Ant

Ants bite and sting humans. Their stings are unprovoked and can be quite painful. Suffice it to say that ants are very annoying. Some species can also kill humans because of their sting.  Read More


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