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Things To Bring To Avoid Bed Bugs While Traveling

More and more Americans now enjoy traveling the world year-round. Pests hitch rides with travelers, ultimately settling in the homes of many Americans. One such pest is the bed bug. Read More

Bed Bugs: How To Treat For Bed Bugs Yourself

Most people - or 92% of those who reported bed bugs to the pest control professionals - report bed bugs after the bed bug bites appeared. This exposes the fact that there is little awareness about bed… Read More

Bed Bugs: Do-It-Yourself Control Options

Bed bugs feed solely on human or animal blood. They can survive for months without feeding. Even though they are not capable of transmitting diseases they are considered high health risk pests. These… Read More

6 Holistic Ways To Help Keep Your Holidays Bed…

I should know; this is after all, what I am planning to do this coming Memorial Day holiday. The kids are excited, the wife is excited, and I am excited! One of the things the kids look forward to… Read More

Bed Bugs: Get Them Out And Keep Them Out

Bed bugs are terrible to have around the house. The cause bites and can make sleeping uncomfortable. A pest control service can help rid your home of bed bugs. Read More

Be Careful, There Are Dangerous Pests In Greenville, SC

Mosquitos, cockroaches and bedbugs may be in your home. These types of pests can cause many problems, but we have pointers on how to ensure these pests do not take over your home. Read More


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