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Who Let The Fleas Out?

Fleas are everywhere, but how do they get into homes? Can we just blame it on the family pet or are there other ways that these pests can invade your home? Read More

Goodbye Winter, Hello Fleas?

The temperatures are warming up and the flowers are beginning to bloom. That's right, it's spring. As we welcome warmer temperatures, we also welcome a whole new season of pests, particularly for pet… Read More

Signs Of A Flea Infestation In High Point, NC

Fleas are wingless blood-sucking pests that are picked up from the environment by pets. Fleas require blood meals to propagate, and they ensure that there are suitable nearby hosts before they… Read More

Things That Fleas Would Not Want You To Know This Fall…

Fleas can have a very unlikely impact on your family and pets.  Take care of your beloved family and furry pets by getting the help of Go-Forth Pest Control - the one you can trust for any pest… Read More

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