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How To Control & Avert Fleas

When you see your dog start to itch uncontrollably your worst fear comes to mind. It might have fleas and this means it could most likely be in your home already. Read More

Flea Control In High Point, NC

With over 2000 species of fleas recorded in the world today, the need for professional pest management is at an all time high. Go-Forth Pest Control has been providing flea treatments for homes near… Read More

Flea Exterminators Near Winston-Salem, NC

Regular flea control has to be carried out on our pets to keep them free from fleas, healthy and active, and for our good health too. When you do find fleas on your pet or some around your home even… Read More

Who Let The Fleas Out?

Fleas are everywhere, but how do they get into homes? Can we just blame it on the family pet or are there other ways that these pests can invade your home? Read More

Goodbye Winter, Hello Fleas?

The temperatures are warming up and the flowers are beginning to bloom. That's right, it's spring. As we welcome warmer temperatures, we also welcome a whole new season of pests, particularly for pet… Read More

Signs Of A Flea Infestation In High Point, NC

Fleas are wingless blood-sucking pests that are picked up from the environment by pets. Fleas require blood meals to propagate, and they ensure that there are suitable nearby hosts before they… Read More


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