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Will Keeping Lights On Keep Mice Away? (Raleigh…

Is there a way for us to keep mice away? This is one question everyone wants to ask Raleigh pest exterminators. While some keep them as pets, others want to get mice out of their home or local… Read More

How Many Mice Make An Infestation?

Do you know if you have a mouse in your house? Do you know how to get rid of them if you do? Learn about mice infestations and some rodent prevention tips. Read More

How Do Exterminators Get Rid Of Mice In Walls?

Every year, mice invade an estimated 21 million homes in the United States alone. You don't want your Lenoir, NC home to be next. Take a look at these tips for preventing mice. Read More

Will Mice Come Out If Lights Are On?

Mice are among the most common household pests in the United States and Lenoir, NC homeowners want to know how to keep these pests away.  Read More

Get Rid Of Mice And Spiders In Greensboro, NC

When you have mice and spiders, the first thing that comes to mind is to eliminate them. Getting rid of them is never easy. They can easily dodge your sprays or can quickly hide when they see you… Read More

Does Having Mice Mean Your House Is Dirty?

When homeowners spot mice inside their homes, they tend to feel shame; they probably think they must have done something wrong and have not been able to practice good housekeeping.  Read More


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