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Attack Of The Killer Mosquitoes

Mosquitoes not only transmit dengue fever but a myriad of other diseases as well. In this post, we go in detail about different types of mosquitoes, the diseases they can transmit, and some tips on… Read More

Can We Just Simply Ignore Mosquitoes?

We have all probably experienced getting bitten by mosquitoes at some point in our lives. They are everywhere after all, with their presence being seen in all continents except Antarctica. Read More

Why Are Mosquitoes A Serious Threat?

Mosquitoes are identified as the most dangerous creatures on the planet. Each year, millions of people die of diseases caused by mosquito bites. Read More

Mosquito Bites: Symptoms And Types Of Mosquito-borne…

The female mosquito feeds on human or animal blood, and in that way, they are able to spread diseases. We say females because the males do not have the necessary mouthparts to suck blood. Read More

Be Careful, There Are Dangerous Pests In Greenville, SC

Mosquitos, cockroaches and bedbugs may be in your home. These types of pests can cause many problems, but we have pointers on how to ensure these pests do not take over your home. Read More

Pest - Borne Diseases: Malaria

Mosquitos can carry many types of diseases, one of the most commonly known ones is Malaria. Knowing the signs of Malaria can help in getting quick treatment. There are also ways to prevent the spread… Read More


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