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Moth Control Company Near Greensboro, North Carolina

Moths are probably one of the most dangerous insect pests humans can have contact with. Not only that they can cause different skin reactions for humans, but they can also create damage to different… Read More

Moth Control Company Near Columbia SC

Moth traps are a good way to remove their presence inside your home. You can use pheromone traps that these moths will stick into. Clean your clothes. They are attracted to food stains and… Read More

Moth Control Company Near Winston-Salem, North Carolina

This city is known to be the Twin City because of the dual heritage that it possesses. Winston-Salem is known as the City of the Arts and Innovation because of the city’s dedication in preserving… Read More

Moth Control Company Near Hickory NC

Moths are first introduced into the United States in 1869 by an amateur entomologist from France named Etienne Leopold Trouvelot.  He wanted to establish a silkworm industry in North America, so he… Read More

3 Best Ways To Get Rid Of Moths

Moths are the type of insects that feed on woolens, furs, fabrics, leather silks and the like. Moths naturally fall into two categories, there are those who ingest food that humans eat, and there are… Read More


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