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How Pests Are Taking Away The Integrity Of Your House

As someone once told me, a house is never really finished, it can go as far as your imagination, and resources can take it. Well, the problem is, imagination and resources are not the only problems… Read More

Can We Match The Might Of The Termites?

Please do not underestimate these tiny insects. Individually, they do not look like much, and it is possible that in the past, chance encounters with them resulted in you letting them go. After all… Read More

Budget Friendly Ways To Control Termites

We all can agree that termites are terrible insects to have as guests in the house. Termites eat up all the structural wood found in our homes. Bit by bit, until eventually our homes are quietly… Read More

Do-It-Yourself Termite Treatment

“Silent Destroyers”. No other name can be more apt to the termites as that. Individually, they do not look like much. They are tiny insects that can be easily crushed with your fingertips. However… Read More

Why Is Termite Proofing Necessary For Both Residential…

Termites can cause structural damage to your home or business. Using termite resistant materials when building and ensuring that your home is sealed off from cracks will help to control termites being… Read More

Purchasing A Termite-Free Home In Hickory, NC

Buying a house can be exciting! Older homes can come with some expected issues, one of those issues doesn't have to be termites. Get a home termite inspection today! Read More


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