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Weevil Exterminator Services Near Wilmington, NC

Wilmington NC, named after Spencer Compton who was the Earl of Wilmington, has a population of around 120,000 residents and known as the county seat of the New Hanover County in coastal southeastern… Read More

Weevil Control Company Near Lexington, North Carolina

Lexington is a city located at the county seat of Davidson County in the state of North Carolina. As it is much known to be situated in the central part of North Carolina, it is also part of the… Read More

Weevil Control Company Near Wilmington, NC

Weevils are very small beetles measuring less than 6mm.  They have long, pointed snouts that are used for boring holes on grains, pasta, timber, flour, and cereal.  Their mouths are at the end of… Read More

Weevil Control Company Near High Point, North Carolina

Weevils are a type of beetles that usually dwell on gardens, farms and mostly grainy food items. While they may not pose to be great threats to us humans and animals, a certain number can still become… Read More

Weevil Control Company Near Columbia, SC

Weevils are considered as pests because they are known to damage and kill crops; crops like corn, grain, and cotton. Outside your homes, they can kill your garden plants; indoors they contaminate your… Read More

Weevil Control Company Near Winston-Salem, North…

Our company offers a wide variety of services that are sure to aid your pest issue at home, at work or in your area. Take a look at some of our pest control treatments for weevils, bed bugs, fleas… Read More


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