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Ant Facts

Ants travel in colonies and like to make their homes just about anywhere. They can get into your food and other products which contaminates them immediately. Even if you just see a few ants they are most likely just the ones looking for a food source. They go out and find food and bring it back to the thousands of ants that might be living in the colony. They mostly show up after it rains, or if you leave some food out in your kitchen.

Ants are the number-one annoying pest you can have. They live in colonies and when one ant is present, expect to see more as they work as one. Spraying pesticides can kill some ants, but the colony will remain.

Ants have several types, and the fire ants cause millions of dollars in damage yearly due to their painful bite which provides a burning sensation. They also cause damage to crops which can affect your daily living. Having ants infest your home can cause inconveniences to you and your family if not treated immediately.


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