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Which U.S. Cities Report The Most Pests?


Ever wondered how your city ranks to others as far as who reports the most pests? Below you'll find 25 cities that were surveyed and find out who reports the most pests and what they're reporting.

Unwanted Pest Reporting In The US

The Weather Channel reported the findings of the American Housing Survey administered by the US Census Bureau. The households of 25 cities were surveyed for how often they saw pests in their home. It appears that the Southern United States has a near-perfect climate for cockroaches. Tampa stands at the top of the list which didn’t surprise locals who often refer to Tampa as “Cockroach Eden.”

It’s the warm and moist weather that attracts cockroaches so it makes sense that Houston, Jacksonville, Miami, and Orlando follow close behind Tampa, while Detroit had the lowest number of sightings. Two cities tied for the most rat sightings ­­ Austin, Texas and Seattle, Washington; and Richmond, Virginia reported the least amount of rats on the list. The Survey found that mice prefer the cool temperatures of Philadelphia but Boston and Baltimore were also favorites for the vermin.