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Pollinator Propaganda


The issue is so pressing that North Carolina Governor, Pat McCrory declared it officially in the state. Below are a few interesting facts about pollinators!

Happy Pollinator Week

In case you didn’t know, June 20-26th is National Pollinator Week. The goal of this week is to bring awareness to and help further advancements in, aiding the declining pollinator population. 

Interesting Pollinator Facts:

  1. About 75 percent of plants need pollinators to help them grow and move nutrition from plant to plant.
  2. There are about 200,000 species of insect pollinators. These include flies, beetles, wasps, ants, butterflies, wasps, and bees!
  3. The United States produces about 20 billion dollars worth of products that are a result of the efforts of pollinators.
  4. About 1/3 of all food/beverage products are only made possible by plants that survive because of pollinators.

What Can You Do To Help?

  1. Educate Yourself: Learn about the different kinds of pollinators and the kinds of plants that they inhabit.
  2. Make Room: Planting for pollinators will promote an increase in nectar, pollen, and homes for friendly pollinators. Plus, because pollinator-friendly plants are generally flowering in species, they will significantly add to the aesthetic of your home! Win, win!
  3. Promote Responsible Pest Practices: We understand that not all pests are helpful. Pest control services can be harmful to friendly pollinators, so it’s important that you only seek out companies that take precautions to preserve our pollinating friends!