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7 Expert Christmas Decorating Tips


Tis the season to be happy and spread happiness, and you know what is the best way to spread it? By showering it everywhere, and since Christmas is right around the corner, Christmas lights are the best way to do it! Trying it yourself can be a lot of fun, and to make it even better, here are 7 expert tips that will immensely help you in your process of hanging those dazzling Christmas lights! If hanging Christmas lights this holiday season becomes a headache don't forget that our Christmas decorators are here to help you.

Make A Statement This Holiday Season!

At Go-Forth Home Services, we strive for excellence, so it's no surprise that we've compiled 7 expert tips to help you and your family make a statement this holiday season:

  1. Keep The Lights Away From Metal: This may sound strange, but metal can dampen the light of the bulbs, and can pretty much cause the money you spent on the bulbs to go to waste. Better safe than sorry!
  2. Use Zip Ties To Attach Lights On Trees: If you can get help from Christmas decorating companies, it’ll be easier for you, but if you are doing it yourself, you might as well get a little creative. Use a sturdy ladder to reach the trees, and clip the lights on the branches using zip ties, as easy as that!
  3. Discard Burned-out Bulbs Immediately: Before hanging your lights on high spots, test them out and see if there are any burned-out bulbs. Remove them, as they can drain the power from the entire light string, making other bulbs glow dimmer.
  4. Never Use Nails And Screws For Hanging The Lights: If you are thinking of saving some money by clipping the lights using nails and screws, you should stop and think. They not only destroy the look of your lighting but will also pose as a threat as the cables can get torn and broken. So, spare some more money and buy some clips for the lights. You’ll be thankful later…
  5. Turn Off Your Christmas Lights Before Leaving: Always turn off your outdoor lights before going out or going to sleep. Alternatively, you can buy a timer or controller to regulate the timing of the lights. This will be very helpful if you want a small light display, with lights constantly turning on and off. Plus, save electricity whenever you can!
  6. Don’t Overload The Circuits: You can find that the circuit is getting overloaded if the other bulbs in the house get dimmer when you turn on the Christmas lights. Each circuit cannot exceed the 1,400-watt limit, so consult some Christmas decorating companies in your area for some expert advice.
  7. Use Battery-Operated Lights For Hard-to-reach Areas: If you are afraid of heights, or simply don’t have enough electrical capacity to power up all the Christmas lights, you can opt for battery-operated lights. They are great for hanging in places that are out of reach and can’t have a direct connection to the main power line. The possibilities are endless!

Go-Forth Home Services is a professional Christmas decorator in Winston-Salem and the rest of the Triad. We can help you decorate the outdoors of your home or business as we service the Winston-Salem / Greensboro area. If you live in the Lake Norman area, our Mooresville Christmas decorators will be happy to help you as well!