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Common Cockroaches & Extermination Methods


Cockroaches are common and gross creatures that are found all around the world. They are very hard to kill because of their tough shell. Unfortunately, they often reside in homes which can be quite embarrassing for the home or business owner. Cockroaches are nocturnal, meaning they have every opportunity day and night, to make their way into a building. The most common cockroaches are the American and German cockroaches, these will typically be seen indoors.

Interesting Facts About Cockroaches

The American cockroach is the smallest, of the cockroaches around half an inch long, and is a light or dark brown color, with dark stripes along their back. This cockroach loves sweet foods, grease, or any type of garbage. They prefer to hang out around water, which usually includes kitchens and bathrooms. Be careful! These creatures are very small sneaky critters and will manage to make their way indoors in your backpack, grocery bag, or suitcase.

The second of common type of cockroach is the German Cockroach is quite different than the American cockroach because it is one of the largest cockroaches. This means it's more likely to be caught if it tries to make its way inside right? Unfortunately no, it still can manage to made into bags or other compartments. Not only does it crawl into just bags, but the German cockroach has been known to crawl through toilets by gaining access to the sewer systems. Yikes! Make sure to be on the lookout for these creatures. Normally a reddish-brown body with a light brown center one and a half inches long. These critters are common both indoors and outdoors, preferring moist and dark locations such as gutters, basements, bathrooms, kitchens, and drains.   

Eliminating Cockroaches From Your Property

Now that you have been given the rundown of the common cockroaches, their description, the food they prefer and know how sneaky they can be; I am sure you would like some tips and methods to getting rid of these pests. Well, we have some for you! (Before you start one of these treatment procedures, be sure to clean all areas that have remnants of food, such as kitchen cabinets, sinks, and floors. Also, eliminate all water sources by fixing any broken sinks or sweating pipes. Last of all seal any cracks in windows and door frames, to prevent any more cockroaches from entering the building.)

Method 1: Roach Bait

Roach bases are one of the best methods to eliminate roaches. Each piece of bait can kill up to 40 roaches at a time, making it a great solution for immediate results. Make sure to place the bait in strategic areas around the home. Often some key places are behind posters, clocks, kitchen cabinets, under piping, in drawers, and anywhere you feel they frequent often. This treatment should be used every 2-3 weeks until the roaches are eliminated.

Method 2: Insect Growth Regulators

The insect growth regulators come in a concentrated liquid form, aerosol, and point source stations. This form of control does not kill the roach, it only stuns the larva, making it unable to reach adulthood and reproduce. This method is a good way to ensure you are preventing roach infestation and keep large numbers of existing roaches under control.

Method 3: Concentrated Insecticide

Last but not least, a concentrated insecticide is a perfect method to prevent roaches from entering a home or a building. Using the measure, mix, and spray method, this liquid can be applied to door and window frames, under appliances, and any place that you feel will need coverage.