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Home Remedies & Treatments For Fleas In Raleigh, NC


Are you struggling to get rid of fleas? Maybe they have already become a pesky nuisance. Worry no more! The following is a step-by-step guide on how you can effectively get rid of fleas in Raleigh, NC.

Identifying The Problem

Your puppy might have caught fleas at the park or while running in the yard.  Regardless of where it got from, the first step you should take is to identify that there is a problem and seek out a treatment plan as soon as possible.


Use a narrow-toothed comb and pay close attention to the flea's favorite areas including neck and tail. This will help keep fleas of all sizes away including eggs. Dip all fleas that you comb off into warm soap water to kill them. Make sure to consult your veterinarian for recommendations about flea control services.  

Apple Cider Vinegar

Recent research proved that the use of apple cider vinegar is effective in repelling fleas. Add a few drops of fermented vinegar to a liter of water and let your puppy drink. The vinegar will keep the skin of your puppy naturally acidic which will in turn repel fleas.

Prepare House

Move your furniture and pick all items from the carpeted places. Make sure that much of the carpet surface is readily accessible to vacuum. Wash with strong detergent and use maximum heat for drying. Make sure to wash all bedding and everything designated for your puppy.  When drying, you should use maximum heat to get the best results.

Clear The Yard

Take a walk around the yard and note any signs of fleas. You are recommended to put on a long pair of white socks so you can easily identify them. Also, cut down hanging branches to allow more penetration of sunlight into the yard. Keep in mind that excessive use of Apple cider vinegar can affect the health of your puppy. Consult a professional vet for the right amount of essential vinegar you should use.