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Rodent Extermination Cost In Raleigh, NC


Rats are pests that are commonly found in our homes and are difficult to get rid of due to their great adaptability. They can adapt quickly to their environment and can cause a lot of damage to your home, and even cause health problems to you and your family in Raleigh, NC. As long as there is free access to food and water, rats are bound to come and their sizes make it even more difficult to control by yourself.

They enter your house through small openings that you don’t even know you have. Their saliva, fur, and excretes carry various types of diseases that can be transferred to humans through contaminated food that they come across. They are also the primary host of some fleas which can cause severe illness, especially in people with compromised immune systems.

Fumigation Prices For Rodents

When you notice this pest in your house it is advised that you call a pest professional as they can get aggressive inflict injuries and transfer diseases to you. And usually, when you notice one rat, it might mean there are more.


These methods should be put in place as soon as you notice that there is an infestation in your house and a professional to fumigate the house as soon as possible:

  • Food should be kept in tightly locked containers. Perishable foods such as fruits and vegetables should also be kept properly. Garbage and waste should be disposed of properly too.
  • If you notice any hole no matter how small it is, seal it as the body of rats can enter through almost any hole.
  • Maintain a clean and neat environment as dirt attracts rats to into your house.

We provide rat fumigation at affordable price. Our service price depends on your pest situation and home size.