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Drain Fly Prevention In Huntersville, NC


Drain flies are revolting and hard to treat. Although they may not be the most commonly recognized among household pests, a drain fly infestation should still be taken seriously and responded to immediately. At Go-Forth Home Services, we urge you to contact us to help you with your drain fly problem in or around Huntersville, NC. Along with our treatment services, we also offer the following preventive actions to ensure that you eliminate a growing infestation and prevent a future one.

Drain Flies Have No Place In Your Homes

Drain flies are one of the most obnoxious pests that come into contact with us and with our food. Though they may not be disease-causing, they can trigger bronchial asthma. Above all, their sheer numbers are what make them dangerous. They can be found clustered around lampshades, windows, drains, bird baths, etc., and they are attracted to light (causing them to enter our homes).  

The elimination of drain flies is almost completely impossible, but professional pest control services that are experts in exterminating drain flies have the right solution. However, there are some methods for getting rid of them on your own, as they are not pests that we would not like to have in our homes or be in contact with.  

Clean Your Drains

Clogged or stagnant drains are the favored places for these pests to live in. They feed on all organic matter found here, so the first thing to do is to clean all drains properly. Cleaning your drain with a drain cleaner and hot water will help demolish the larvae, pupae, and adult flies that reside there. Although this will eliminate the larvae, pupae, and adult flies...the eggs will remain.  

Clean All Standing Water

If there is a birdbath or other standing water in your area, ensure that these are cleaned regularly and that the water is changed. Any place where there is standing water is a place for the drain flies to breed. You should clean drain pans under the refrigerator regularly and check for eggs as well.  

Trash Cans

Empty your trash cans outside if you put anything in them that smells strongly, and be sure to check that the outside trash cans are closed properly. These steps are necessary whether you contact your local pest control company for drain fly extermination or not.  

Keeping all of these spaces clean may seem like an extensive amount of work, but it is the best-recommended way to prevent an infestation with these annoying pests. You must repair any type of water leak or drain leak as quickly as possible, as this is a major place for these flies to breed. Again, it is better to call pest control services for drain flies and have them removed once and for all. Once this is completed you can then keep your home or business clean and ensure they don’t return.