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Flea Exterminator Near Me In Charlotte, NC


Fleas are a common pest that many people experience, especially those with pets. While they don't necessarily seem harmful, fleas create itchy, irritating bites, and can reproduce at a rapid pace. Go-Forth Home Services, located in and around Charlotte, NC, have the solution that you need. If you desire safe, effective, and affordable treatment for your family and pets, this local, family-owned company is the way to go. Having decades of training and experience in flea extermination, Go-Forth's professional exterminators can successfully rid your home of fleas completely.

Flea Extermination Made Simple

Nobody likes fleas in their house or on their beloved pets. They typically enter your home through your pets, because fleas directly affect cats and dogs. They usually infect your pets from outside or from other animals that have fleas. You need to promptly call your local flea exterminator company if you want to get rid of fleas fully, as they are difficult to self-treat. When you choose to undergo flea extermination using a professional service, you should get the home, the pets, and the yard cleaned of this pest.  

Things To Do Before Extermination

Before any flea exterminator begins his job there are certain things he would expect you to do.  The first thing to do is to prepare to leave your home and stay away for around 5 hours. This is the time it takes for them to do the job and for the chemicals to dry. Before you leave, you should wash all the pet bedding in hot water or destroy them. You should vacuum the carpets. Mop your wooden and tiled floors completely including the corners, and inside closets as well. You should also vacuum the furniture, especially under and behind the cushions. Vacuum cleaner bags should be left outside the home in the trash can and closed tightly.

If you are using reusable bags, remove the contents from a container outside of the home and close them tightly. Use the bag only after washing it in hot water. You should treat the pets also for fleas at the same time that you are the house so that there is no chance of re-infestation. It is best to have this done by a veterinarian. If you are doing it yourself, please use what is meant for the particular species the product is meant for. If there is a fish tank, cover it with a wet towel. You should turn off the pump until you return home. Remove everything from the floor of both the house and closets. You should strip the beds of linen and wash them in hot water. You should cover all food articles securely. Any other pets or birds in the house should be removed too.  

What Does The Exterminator Do?

There are two components to a professional extermination service company. The first thing is the adulticide or killing of adult fleas and larvae. This method uses chemicals that will kill them on contact. The second part is to use growth-regulating chemicals. These will prevent the larvae from growing into an adult, which will effectively cut the reproductive cycle of the termites. With 7 to 14 days of the treatment, you may see more fleas. These are fleas that were in the pre-adult stage when the treatment was done. But even these fleas will die immediately as they come into contact with the chemicals used.  

Post Treatment Care

You should not clean your floors or carpet for two weeks after the treatment so that the chemicals can kill the fleas that grow into adults during that period. This treatment should take care of all the fleas that have infested your home.