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Fruit Fly Control Methods & Products In Winston-Salem, NC


Fruit flies are pesky creatures that can be revolting to have in your kitchen area swarming your food. If you live in or around Winston-Salem, NC, Go-Forth Home Services is the company to call for your pest control needs.

Stop The Invasion: Fruit Fly Management

When it comes to fruit flies, it seems that they develop and quadruple in a matter of hours. With this being said, one should contact pest control services promptly upon a fruit fly infestation, before prevention/treatment methods or remedies.  

Do Not Allow Them to Accompany Your Fruits

Fruit flies are found wherever there are ripening fruits or rotting vegetables. These flies follow the smell and come into our homes. They don’t spread any diseases directly, but because they sit on our food items there is always the possibility that they are spreading bacteria. They usually live and breed in drains, garbage cans, damp mops, and rags. They will also infest empty beer cans or soda bottles. Because of the number of places that they can occupy, it is almost impossible to get rid of them completely.  

Their main food is fruits and vegetables and they will invariably smell these items and follow the smell. You will certainly need the help of pest control services for fruit flies to completely eradicate them from your property. They lay eggs in the moist portions of ripening or rotting fruits or vegetables, and each time they lay around 500 eggs. They come into your house as eggs in fruits that you bring from the store or the garden. You cannot see them when they are in the egg or larval stage.  

Getting Rid Of Fruit Flies

Though calling pest control services for fruit flies is the best solution to completely eradicate them, you can try certain self-treatment methods to get rid of the fruit flies. Half-filling glasses with apple cider vinegar and dishwashing soap is one way. Simply cover the glasses with plastic wrap and punch a few holes so that the flies can go in. They will then come for the smell and go in but will not be able to escape.  

Another method that you can use instead of calling pest control services for fruit flies, is an insect light trap. These flies are attracted to certain wavelengths of light and this can be used to lure them and kill them. There are also liquid residual insecticides available, which are very effective against both the larvae and adult flies. Fly baits are also effective in reducing the population of fruit flies in your homes.  

Preventing Infestation

There are many ways you can prevent fruit fly infestation, some examples of prevention are refrigeration or trashing fruits that have ripened or are damaged. Make sure that you do not leave them out to be accessed by fruit flies. Clean up spilled fruit juices, wine, and beer because these flies will come in for the smell of these items. However, nothing can completely eradicate these flies from your homes like the pest control services for fruit flies, which will use many methods to clear your homes of these flies.