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3 Best Ways To Get Rid Of Weevils


Weevils come from the family of beetles, but they have been distinctly named due to their long elbowed antennae that they can fold into special ways when in use. Although most Weevils don’t grow any wings, the ones who do become excellent at flying. They are often colored brown, gray, or light brown. Most Weevils tend to exclusively obtain a diet on eating plants alone, even their larvae are much like this. But usually, when Weevils become adults they sometimes start to eat different kinds of plants. These creatures successfully partake in reproduction by boring holes in grains and laying their eggs inside these raw grains. Since Weevils can live and eat almost anything, they are known to cause a million dollars worth of damage per year. This is why you should take into consideration getting rid of these things for good in your homes.

Here We Have Listed the 3 Best Things You Can Do to Fully Eliminate These Pests in Your Homes

Use Bay Leaves 

This method is probably one of the best remedies there is where one can resort to when dealing with infestations of Weevils as this plant by nature acts as a repellant. Considering that you’ve already put into sealed containers the grain and Weevil-prone food in your kitchen such as flour, rice, and other grain items. The use of bay leaves will enable you to get rid of Weevils in your kitchen and food supply fast! Since Bay Leaves give a strong tangy smell, they somehow repel small pests and other tiny organisms such as Weevils. This is a common natural repellant that is used when dealing with pests such as Weevils. All you have to do is put Bay Leaves on the grain and flour containers to keep the bugs away.

Damp Clothes

This method is very cheap and it doesn’t require you to do much. Since weevils prefer to live in dark and damp areas, then this is the way to catch them. Try to look for damp and dark places in your houses or kitchen cabinets where you think they might probably be nesting and then wet a piece of clothing or towel to put in that area that you find. This method is very effective since it’s in their nature to look for damp spots to live and rest in. Once you see that you’ve already trapped several Weevils in the cloth you’ve put in, then immediately throw the cloth in the water to wash them away. Repeat this method as needed.

Call Pest Control Experts

Go-Forth Home Services offers a wide range of pest control services that are each suited to resolve your faced pest issues. We have been committed to providing our customers the best solutions in eliminating pests as we know and we value the importance of a safe and pest-free environment for families and businesses. Get in touch with our team and let us help you.