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Best Termite Control Services Near Me


Termites are insects that are actually from the cockroach family. Like ants, termites like to disseminate tasks to different castes in their colonies. Termite colonies have their so-called "Kings" who are fertile and they have "Queens" to partner with. These critters feed on almost anything that's lying around, but most of the time, they feed on dead plants, fiber, cellulose, wood, soil, and the like.

All-Natural Termite Management

Being detritivores, termites take part in an important role in the ecosystem by being able to recycle waste material like dead plants and feces. In line with this, Termites are also known to be a major source of atmospheric methane and greenhouse gasses. Just like ants, these creatures are among the most successful groups of insects in the world since they are found everywhere except for Antarctica.

Termite Queens are known to live up to 50 years, depending on how well they are being fed. Ultimately, a Queen can lay up to 40,000 eggs per day since these creatures seem to have two ovaries that allow them to carry a great number of eggs. As alarming as all these may sound, there are still ways to put an end to their presence in your homes.

Orange Oil

Orange Oil has been proven to be one of the most effective ways to eliminate home termites. Plus, this method is very affordable and natural which means you do not have to worry about harming anyone in your home and even your pets. Orange oil is derived from orange peels that have a d-limonene content which is what makes it deadly for termites. When termites come in direct contact with orange oil, their exoskeletons begin to melt, causing them to lose proteins and moisture and ultimately die. This happens fast which is why it is deemed to be effective.

Cardboard Trap

Since these things mainly feed on cellulose, termites will be attracted to cardboard. Cardboards are full of cellulose and can easily be converted into a trap for these things. All you have to do is take a big slice of moist cardboard and roll it until it looks like a tube. Place these tubes in the places in your house where you see most of the termite activity and then leave it on there for a couple of days. This will allow the termites to be attracted to the moist cardboard and transfer to it over time. After you see you’ve collected many of them already, simply remove the cardboard and dispose of it properly and preferably far from your house. Repeat this process as needed.

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