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Chronic Lyme Disease


Chronic Lyme disease happens when a person who is taking antibiotics to fight against Lyme disease continues to pose and feel the symptoms of the infection. More often, medical professionals call this phenomenon Post Lyme Disease Syndrome or post-treatment Lyme Disease Syndrome. About half the percent of people undergoing antibiotic treatment to cure Lyme disease are known to pose symptoms that continue to persist even after they’ve undergone medicinal treatment.

Identifying Chronic Lyme Disease & Prevention

Lyme disease patients experiencing this post syndrome still experience muscle aches, joint pain, fatigue, and even cognitive dysfunctions which can still last more than six months up to a year. This is not good since these symptoms can cause great interference with a person’s daily activities and emotional well-being. It is still unclear though why some people experience post-treatment Lyme disease illness and some don’t and it’s also still unknown what causes this to happen to an individual.

Lyme disease is an infection caused by bacteria usually from animals which are called Borrelia Burgdorferi or simply B. burgdorferi. A person can easily become infected if they are bitten by a tick that has fed off from an infected animal first. More often than not, ticks can acquire this bacteria after they feed off dead mice, birds, or other infected animals. The effects of this on a person is called Lyme Disease and Bannwarth Syndrome if the effects on the person concentrate more on neurological functions. Like we’ve said before, people with Lyme disease are most of the time treated with just antibiotics although it is still a question as to why some people immediately get healed from this disease and some are not even with the use of antibiotics. Some talks made by experts show that sometimes symptoms that are brought about by the bacteria are not destroyed by antibiotics because of persistent bacteria.

Although, this is not a factual conclusion it is being considered even up to this day. Other medical professionals believe that this is because the bacteria can also happen to cause damage to the body tissues and immune system of a person wherein the immune system continues to respond to the infection even when the bacteria has already been dealt with by the medicine. Moreover, a persistent Lyme Disease can cause damage to a person’s mobility and cognitive abilities which can cause great emotional distress and drastic lifestyle changes not only for the patient but also for the people supporting and/or living with the patient.

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