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Flea Borne Diseases In Humans


We know that you are going to agree with us on this, but the presence of a pest such as fleas can be a great cause of a lot of discomfort for homeowners and pet owners. Most of the time, the flea bite markings and itchiness will eventually disappear and go away without leaving much complications to the victim.

Deadly Infections Caused By Fleas

Fleas are still known to be vectors for different sorts of bacteria and diseases that are known to cause severe sicknesses and illnesses to both humans and pets. This makes it very important for both homeowners and pet owners to have knowledge on how they can keep away pests from their area. Moreover, we also recognize how people should be aware of how flea borne diseases can affect human body systems. So we’ve listed down below few diseases that can be transmitted by fleas to humans.

Bubonic Plague

One of the most well-known flea transmitted disease this plague known as the Black Death. It got this name during the 14th century where the epidemic was known to have affected and killed more than 25 Million people or basically half the entire European population. While the same plague is still present worldwide today, there are only a handful of cases reported yearly in the United States. This plague originated from fleas that fed off from rodents at first before biting and feeding from a human or a house pet. It’s a good thing that this type of disease can be treated by just the intake of antibiotics.

Murine Typhus

While this type of disease may be rare in the parts of Northern America, there are still a few cases reported yearly in the part of South America. And just like the Bubonic Plague, this disease comes from fleas that has come to feed off from rats in the past – which is why Murine Typhus is blatant only in areas where there are a lot of rodents and rat infestation around. Most common symptoms for this illness include high fever, body weakness, nausea, chills and severe headaches.


This particular disease is transmitted by burrowing fleas or what can be called “Tunga penetrans”. These type of fleas are known to be chigger fleas or sand fleas because of how they are known to cause bites near the feet of their host. The flea attaches itself into the skin and then deeps through the epidermis of their hosts which is why people who travel a lot are advised to wear shoes (closed – preferably) when walking across sand areas or any place infected with Tungiansis causing fleas.

Prevention Is Better Than A Cure!

While we may go on talking about how fleas can affect you and your loved ones, there is something you can do in order to totally prevent this from happening. And it is by calling Go-Forth Home Services services so that our team can help you in achieving that safe, controlled and pest free environment that you deserve!