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Ant Control Methods & Products In Charlotte, NC


Many people tend to believe that the most essential part of an ant extermination procedure is the actual application of treatment. This cannot be further from the truth. The process of ant extermination involves several stages that are just of equal importance to the entire process. Inspection, for instance, is a critical element in the whole ant extermination process. You are likely to realize that whenever you hire a professional ant extermination service, the experts insist on conducting an inspection before embarking on the actual extermination. The results of the inspection are used throughout the extermination.

Importance Of Inspection To Extermination

Determining The Ideal Treatment: There are several types of ants and the right treatment varies from one species to the other. It is therefore essential to establish the species of ants you are dealing with before deciding on which treatment to use. Through inspecting the premises, you will be able to determine the type of ants that have invaded the property. You can then use this information to select the treatment that will yield the best results.

Locating the Nest & Target Areas: Ants live in colonies which makes them easier to exterminate. You however need to figure out the location of their nest before you can apply the right treatment into it. For this, an inspection is of high importance. You can follow their trails back to their nest or look for an area in which they are most populated. Most ants return to their nest in the afternoons or evenings, making this the perfect time to follow them back to their nest.

Applying The Treatment: Treatment is applied in various ways, usually depending on the preferences of the exterminator, the extent of the infestation, and the safety of the household. It is vital for an exterminator to inspect to establish the best way to apply the treatment. Prior inspection exposes the exterminator to the property and all the variables that need to be considered during the application of the treatments. If for example there are pets or young children on the premises, the use of bait is not often the best idea. The inspection will also let you know if the ants burrow deep in the ground and subsurface treatment may not be a viable option. In such cases, the use of bait strategically located can be pretty effective as the ants will consume and carry some back to their nests.

Importance Of Inspection To Prevention In Charlotte, NC

Blocking Entry Points: After getting rid of ants on the premises, it is recommended to put in place prevention measures to ensure that you do not face a re-infestation soon afterward. During an inspection, a professional establishes the possible entry points that may be used by ants. Blocking these points will in turn guarantee you long periods without having to worry about an invasion shortly. The essence of inspection to ant control is indisputable. Whenever you are invaded by these troublesome pests, you should always ensure that you begin with an inspection before moving to the other procedures.