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How To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs In Charlotte, NC


Having bed bugs at home can be a frustrating experience. Whenever you notice their presence, you come across the need to get rid of them as soon as possible. A variety of methods are available for the people of Charlotte, NC to follow to overcome the frustration associated with bed bugs. Here is a list of some of the most prominent techniques out of them. Any person who is dealing with the negative effects of bed bugs can follow these tips to overcome frustration.

Bed Bug Management Solutions

Most of the homeowners tend to misunderstand ticks, fleas, and other small insects as bed bugs. Therefore, you should first make sure that you are not dealing with any other insect, but bed bugs. You can do your research on the internet and get to know about the unique features of bed bugs. For example, you can go through some photos and see what they look like. Then you will be able to take appropriate steps to overcome the frustration associated with bed bugs. When you are dealing with bed bugs, you should never panic. Some people tend to throw out all the stuff they have after noticing bed bugs. This will lead you to massive financial losses.

Therefore, you should never panic and you need to make sure that you follow appropriate steps to get rid of them. There is no need to absorb stress because bed bugs are blood-sucking parasitic pests. They love to feed on human blood and would do so quite unaware to the host. Though they are not always nocturnal, they would take every opportunity to feed, on a host when provided the opportunity. In the early half of the 1900’s bed bugs were eradicated in some countries, but with the human populace now in more frequent travel, they have again re-infested most countries. An increase in air travel has seen a major increase in bed bugs re-infestation. Bed bugs could live for about nine months, and during that time females would lay about three to four eggs daily. It is estimated that they could lay around five hundred eggs during their lifetime. The amount of eggs that a female would lay depends on the nutrition level of that particular female.  

Bed Bugs are Parasitic

Bed bugs are always parasitic, and need a hot-blooded host to survive. They are not known to generally feed on pets and other animals, though some species would feed on animals. They can travel distances clinging onto clothes, luggage, and similar items till they find a host. Bed bugs are vulnerable to temperatures above 46 degrees C, and all stages from larvae to adult are killed in about seven minutes. They cannot survive temperatures below -32 degrees C. It is interesting to note that human DNA can be recovered from bed bugs up to 90 days after it has fed on a human. This has helped forensic experts to solve some crimes. Bed bugs prefer to feed on the exposed skin of a sleeping person. Soft areas like the neck, face, and hands would be ideal for feeding for a hungry bed bug. A full feed could last to about 20 minutes, and that would be sufficient till the next feed, at five to ten-day intervals.  

Infestation by Bed Bugs

Bed bugs always return to their shelter or hiding place after feeding. If it cannot find a host to feed it will look for one and if it does not find one it will return to its shelter. Once they have a ready human host they will propagate in abundance. This is why we need to check our beds and similar furniture to find them if we have the slightest indication that they are around. Bed bug control is an ongoing exercise if we have had an infestation and have taken steps to rectify the problem. Depending on the gravity of our problem, we would need to call upon bed bug control experts who are qualified bed bug exterminators to advise us on the most appropriate action. Bed bug exterminators will use their training and experience to locate their hiding places and take the necessary action. Following up on such action taken is advisable as with larvae and eggs left behind you could have re-infestation occurring unknown to you. Sustained action would be needed to completely eradicate them from your homes and offices. Professional bed bug exterminators who undertake bed bug control initiatives are knowledgeable and would always advise you on the best proactive action to see that no such re-infestation occurs.     

Signs of Bed Bug infestation

Bed bug infestation can be detected with telltale signs of their feces which are small sand-like dark spots scattered in seams of mattresses, bed sheets, beds, etc. Bed bugs have a distinct smell, which is similar to rotting raspberries.   Their feeding times would generally be between 10 PM and 6 AM, and it would take their fill of blood and retreat to their shelters. Bed bugs could live singly but once it has established itself in a particular environment it will find others and then continue to live in clusters. Having pests like bed bugs is an undesirable irritant and doing everything possible to eradicate them is necessary. If bed bug control is required, it must be carried out conscientiously and professionally by qualified and experienced bed bug exterminators.