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How To Get Rid Of Mosquitoes In Charlotte, NC


Mosquito extermination services are becoming more and more popular because not only are mosquitoes annoying pests but they are also able to transmit diseases in humans. These pests are responsible for a lot of deaths all over the world as a result of their ability to transmit certain diseases like Malaria, Yellow fever, Zika virus, and Dengue virus. If you live in Charlotte, NC call a local exterminator today. Mosquitoes thrive in stagnant water found around houses like neglected swimming pools, irrigated pastures, ponds, ditches, and storm drains. The rise of diseases spread by mosquitoes has led to the production of different drugs for treatment, however over time mosquitoes have become resistant to these drugs rendering the usage of drugs counterproductive. It is therefore advisable to adopt effective techniques for mosquito control.

Getting Rid of Breeding Sites in Charlotte, NC

The first place you should consider while looking for a mosquito extermination service is standing/stagnant water. Mosquitoes breed in any standing water but mostly in water with organic debris. It is really easy to check for mosquito larvae in standing water by dipping a cup in the water and checking for mosquito larvae. They are relatively the size of a fingernail.

Eliminating breeding sites of mosquitoes is a good technique for mosquito control and, it can be done in these ways:

  • Start from obvious sites that could be filled with standing water like old tires, buckets, wheelbarrows, and clogged gutters. These sites must be emptied and kept dried to prevent the growth of mosquito larvae.
  • Pool drains. Pool drains help in the removal of water from the pool decking and is mostly filled with water. It is rather impossible to get an in-ground pool drain dry. However, it can be treated with mosquito bits or Altosid Pro-G granules.

Eliminating breeding sites around your house is a great step in mosquito control, but it isn't enough. There might be various breeding sites in the neighborhood or at your neighbor's house.

Using Residual Insecticides

Mosquito extermination service can continue with adult mosquitoes after you get rid of breeding sites. Adult mosquitoes are commonly found in bushes and shrubs because they feed on nectar.

Getting rid of adult mosquitoes can be done by:

  • Spraying overgrown bushes and shrubs, lower limbs of shade trees, and long grasses with a residual insecticide like Bifen IT, Talstar Pro, and Mavrik Perimeter. These insecticides are effective for mosquito control, not harmful to bees, and affordable.
  • Another option usually done by mosquito extermination professionals is, mixing a growth regulator like Pivot 10 with these insecticides. This will decrease the number of eggs laid by the adult mosquito before proceeding to eliminate it.

Make Use of Mosquito Repellents

There are available mosquito repellents for the yard and skin. Mosquito repellents for yard work by masking the scent of humans and are effective for about 3-5 days. They are typically made in granules and are very popular for use days before an outside event. Mosquito repellents for the skin are quite popular. Some of the repellents are Ben's Deet 100 and Mosquito Mojo, which contains rosemary and peppermint oil. These steps can help in mosquito control and should be done frequently because mosquitoes can breed in the smallest amount of water.