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How To Get Rid Of Termites In Charlotte, NC


Termites are responsible for millions of dollars of damage across the world annually and are considered the most devastating pests challenging the human race. Though termites do not directly cause sickness and disease to humans, they compensate their presence among us by causing high economic and immense psychological damage. They destroy our homes and other buildings undetected from under and within. Call your local pest exterminator to take control of the termites that might be infesting your home or place of business.

Termites Are Vulnerable When Above The Ground

Termites are subterranean insects but do sometimes extend their colonies above ground and when they do so, could be vulnerable to predators. They are not nocturnal hence when above ground they are exposed and could be destroyed, which makes them naturally and defensively subterranean. Termites love damp soil, wood, and other wet areas. They build their colonies with intricate designs for easy access in and out. They prefer wet areas and in summer they are prolific in their activities and propagate profusely down below our abodes.

Military Precision Maintained In Their Hierarchical Colonies 

They maintain a distinct caste and hierarchical system dividing their multitude of chores between them. Each one of them carries out tasks allocated to them with military precision. It is these common traits among some insects that make some of us confuse termites with white ants. Termite Queens are at the top of this hierarchy with mating males, workers, soldiers, and semi-mature young called nymphs making up the colonies. Colonies could last for hundreds of years if left undisturbed.  

Termites & Their Alarming Economic Devastation

Termites are considered devastating economically to humans, because of their great ability to reproduce millions, over a long period. We have still not been able to effectively contain the spread of this very versatile enemy living in our midst. Entomologists receive more inquiries worldwide on termites than any other insects living around our habitation. Millions of dollars are also spent on research and development for more effective methods and pesticides to contain the devastation that is caused by termites.  

Control Termites If They Cannot Be Terminated

Damage caused by termites is generally not covered by the normal home protection insurance. This makes it more ominous for us to endeavor to find the most effective methods, of termite control to combat this giant of a menace. Though small in stature they can cause havoc if you let them go unchallenged. Combating them is no mean task and it would take quite an effort from both owners of premises and professional pest controllers to achieve this herculean task.

Technologically Advanced Proven Methods In Termite Control

There is technologically advanced equipment available and used today, in termite control to detect the quantum of termite colonies in your premises. The best equipment, to detect termites should be used in termite control. Equipment to detect elevated moisture like Moisture Meters and Bore-scopes to take pictures of active termite colonies, and TermatracT3i which detects subterranean thermal variations, and listening devices are some of the equipment available to seek the presence of active termite colonies.  

Preventing Re-Infestation Of Termites In Your Premises

You must take the necessary and relevant steps as advised by the professional termite exterminators, to prevent re-infestation of your home by termites. One very important step would be to ensure that no soil from outside the perimeter of the initial treatment area is brought back into the inner area. Soil from outside the perimeter of treatment could contain eggs of termites, which could again give the golden opportunity that termites waiting to re-enter your home.