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Termite Exterminator Company In Charlotte, NC


Termites are usually among the most destructive pests that can invade a home. The amount of damage they cause to a structure can be devastating. Referred to as the silent destroyers, termites are pretty stealthy during the early stages of an infestation. They will thrive in the property for a considerable period before you begin noticing the damages they are running on the premises. This is exactly why termite control is a rather challenging process.

To avoid extensive damage to the property, you will need to identify an infestation early to take the necessary control measures. Although they are good at hiding, there are quite several ways to detect a termite infestation early and eliminate it before the damage escalates.

Look Out For Tunnels

Termites hardly crawl above the ground, when they do, they build mud tunnels along their paths. These mud tunnels are among the primary indications of a termite invasion. To avoid surprises, therefore, you will need to have your eyes out for such tunnels. These tunnels usually extend from the ground and move in the direction of the termite paths. They can be found on the concrete walls, wooden surfaces, or even inside the house.

Typically, the tunnels are in the diameter of a pen but can be larger or smaller depending on the species of termite. Some of the other areas in which these tunnels may be found include floors, both inside and outside the house, sill plates, slabs and support piers. To ascertain that the tunnels belong to termites, all you have to do is scrub them to see what’s beneath. This should be done in the morning as most species tend to be active then.

Flying Termites

Another common indication of a termite infestation is the presence of flying termites. Flying termites are usually attracted to lights which makes them rather easy to notice. Whenever you see flying termites swarming around light bulbs or shiny roofs, then it is highly likely their nest is a lot closer to your property or they are already on your property. Whenever the flying termites leave their nest, you will always find their wings around the property. This is another way through which you can be able to identify if you are at risk of a termite infestation.

Listen For Termite Noises

Termites have a characteristic noise that they make, especially when they feel threatened. The soldier termites make the noise by hitting their head on the surfaces on which they are perched. If you are keen enough, you can be able to determine the presence of termites by these noises. The louder the noises are, the more termites are probably on your property. Whenever you notice any of the above signs, then it is highly probable that there is a termite infestation looming. You should therefore be quick to acquire an efficient termite extermination service to offer you expertise and assistance in eliminating the problem before it gets out of hand.