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Bye-Bye Bed Bugs - Approaching The Invasion


“Sleep tight, don’t let the bed bugs bite”, is a common, age-old phrase that becomes reality for 1 in every 5 Americans in the blink of an eye. Bed bugs are commonly known for being obnoxious, revolting, and extremely difficult to eliminate. They are notorious for spreading and infesting one of the most essential components of our everyday life...our furniture, or more importantly where we sleep at night. Many try to diagnose and treat bed bugs on their own but do not realize the difficult task at hand in attempting to rid of these problematic creatures. They are an affair that professionals should take on to exterminate them completely and successfully.

Put Your Bed Bug Problems to Rest!

Recognizing bed bugs is the first step in the process of ridding them, but they are difficult to recognize for most because they are often confused with other insects of various types. When they are prevalent, a solution should be implemented immediately, but first, one must be able to determine that they are indeed the problem. There are several ways to analyze this type of infestation, beginning with having numerous bug bites that are red, welted, and irritating. Along with this comes a putrid odor that is distinct and considered “musty” in the room or area.

Remnants of their presence in the bed or area are also a major indicator that one may have a bed bug problem. Bed bugs’ remnants consist of small, rust-like stains in the area, eggs and egg shells, and the shed skin of the bugs. Upon suspicion of a bed bug infestation, a full inspection should then be given of all furniture and potential nesting sites in the area (chairs, curtains, closets clothing drawers, etc.), and each of the indicators listed above should be considered when inspecting each of these spaces.

Once a self-suspected case of bed bugs is evaluated, a second, professional, opinion is necessary before beginning treatment. Since one must act promptly and rationally upon discovering bed bugs, this second opinion should be sought urgently. A case of bed bugs is something that should be taken seriously, therefore professional treatment should also be your solution following a professional’s inspection. Seeking a trustworthy exterminator is imperative, and there is no better team to perform powerful, ensured treatment than Go-Forth Home Services.

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Being a family-owned business, this organization understands its customer’s needs and puts its best interest first. Serving homes and businesses in the triad area of North Carolina for decades, Go-Forth Home Services guarantees safe and effective treatment for every home or business. By clicking on the link provided, you can begin your process of bed bug extermination/treatment by receiving a free quote or call (877) 274-1475.

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