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Ant Exterminator Company In Winston-Salem, NC


The vast majority of insects are so tiny, we often link their size with their harmlessness. This is not always the case as some insects such as sugar ants are quite harmless, except for the irritation they cause during food gathering. Others such as the soldier ants, on the other hand, are known to pack a formidable bite that makes them respected and feared even among humans in Winston-Salem, NC.

Professional Ant Exterminators

These bugs occur harmlessly in most lawns and homes. However, whenever their presence becomes obvious and dangerous, it might be necessary to execute these insect exterminator strategies before bringing in the big guns.

Identify The Ants

Whenever you notice unidentifiable ant species across your property and you get worried by their potential invasion, take a visible picture of a live or dead one. After taking the picture, email or send it to the closest extension service close to you, preferably the one in a nearby university for identification. You could also use tools such as Google to identify the species and facts about these invader bugs.

Use Baits

Shopping in either your local departmental store or dedicated pest or pet store, purchase poison baits that would be effective on ants. Position these tasty baits in strategic locations where you believe these crawlers pass. If properly placed, you should notice them scurrying around to take the bait. As an insect exterminator, your goal should be to ensure the bugs that pick them up to redistribute the poison to their entire colony. So, ensure you use ample baits and keep children away from them.

Dress Your Yard

Thinking like an insect exterminator, ensure you mow your lawn to reveal all traces of ant hills or mounts. Also, you should trim all plants, flowers, or shrubs that are close to your house entrances and that might serve as a means of entry for your pesky little visitors. After noticing their hideouts, spray insecticides that contain bifenthrin directly into their entrances. Ensure you do this during the late afternoon or very early in the morning for effectiveness.