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How To Get Rid Of Mosquitoes In Winston-Salem, NC


Mosquitoes are small, and tiny insects that are a real nuisance, they cause several dangerous and fatal illnesses like dengue, malaria, and yellow fever. Their bites are also itchy and painful. However, the market is filled with several chemical repellents although they are active, but they have adverse effects on the environment too.

Home Remedies For Mosquitoes

Below, we've outlined some home remedies for mosquitoes in Winston-Salem, NC that will keep the annoying pest at bay. If these don't work for you, contact your local pest control company to get rid of them for good.

Coffee Grounds

This is a simple home remedy that repels mosquitoes; all you need to do is sprinkle coffee grounds where you find stagnant water near your home. It will force out the mosquito eggs in the water. When these eggs come out, they will be deprived of oxygen, killing them instantly before they hatch, it will also prevent mosquitoes from breeding near your living space.

Dry Ice

Mosquitoes are attracted by the carbon dioxide we exhale, and dry ice is a frozen carbon dioxide that evaporates into gas as it melts. Place the dry ice in a wide container and keep it at a distance, when all the mosquitoes are attracted to the container close the lid. However, this method is time-consuming, but it is useful.

Mosquito Trap (Sugar Yeast Fermentation)

Another effective way of getting rid of mosquitoes is through the mosquito trap; you can get them in the market or make them yourself. Homemade mosquito traps are easy to make; all you have to do is get a plastic bottle, cut the bottle in half, and add some brown sugar to hot water. When it cools down, pour the mixture into the bottom half of the bottle and add yeast. Take the top half of the container and place it upside down into the bottom half. Please note that the bottom opening should not be submerged in the sugar mixture, but resting just above it.

Lastly, use a tape to hold the pieces together, leave the top uncovered, and then place it in a mosquito-infested zone. The mosquitoes will fly down through the bottle top into the sugar mix and drown. You can change the solution in the bottle after two weeks.


What every home should lack is camphor; it is a home remedy for getting rid of bugs in an Eco-friendly manner. Close all doors and windows of the room, and then light camphor and leave it for about half an hour, and leave the room. You will not find any mosquitoes when you return. Camphor also works for other pesky bugs including cockroaches; you can leave the balls in dark hiding places where pests can hide. The smell is a repellent; it will solve all your pest problems in your home while keeping the environment safe.