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Extermination Prices For Pests In Columbia, SC


All pests pose serious threats to one's health in Columbia, SC. Unfortunately, they have invaded personal spaces and have caused a lot of damage and stress to the people involved. Due to this, many species of insects like ants, termites, and cockroaches can invade personal space and become extremely difficult to eradicate.

What Factors Determine Extermination Costs?

To exterminate them for good call your local pest control company today.  In cases like that, fumigation is the best option. For pest attacks, fumigation services costs will depend on a whole number of factors.

They include:

  • Infestation Extent: The extent of the infestation in the personal space will determine the cost. Removing large bug and wasp infestation would take a longer period, rather than a little roach infestation which can be treated relatively quickly.
  • Treatment Type: For complete pest eradication, the prices would cost more than a prevent mice measure. The cost would be in terms of whether strong chemicals would be used or whether simple insecticide sprays or gels would be used.
  • Property Size: A small property would cost a lot less than a large property. Larger properties also require a large amount of time, compared to smaller spaces.
  • Pest Type: Some pests are easy to eradicate while some require a lot more skill and expertise. Fumigation for cockroaches is a lot cheaper than fumigating bugs and rodents.
  • Number Of Treatments: Several pests require several treatments to be successfully eliminated. These would also reflect in the cost implications.

Most fumigation companies charge extra costs ranging from $100-$200 for home inspection and aftercare. In severe cases where the home or office has its furniture infected with these pests, they might require separate fumigation. In total, the total amount sums up to between $300-$750. To be on the right track, make inquiries from the companies so you’ll be given in-depth information on the amount you’re expected to pay.