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Hornet & Wasp Control Methods And Products In Charlotte, NC


Although hornets and wasps are not a threat to humans per se, they can be pretty dangerous when they feel threatened or disturbed. Avoiding a confrontation with these insects is also challenging because they tend to build their nests in places that people access a lot such as window and door frames. Their stings are quite nasty and may lead to serious inflammation in people who are allergic to bites.

How To Get Rid Of Hornets & Wasps

To avoid the risk of being attacked by hornets or wasps, it is important to learn the best ways of eliminating these flying insects from your property without getting hurt in the process. Elimination of hornets and wasps is a step-by-step procedure and for the best results, you must go through each step.

Locate The Nests

A majority of wasp and hornet species are social pests and therefore live in nests hosting multiple insects. If you occasionally see wasps flying around your home, there is likely a nest located on or near your property. Before commencing any hornet elimination procedures, it is important to first establish the location of the nest. Hornets and wasps can nest in various places around the premises.

Some of the common areas in which to look for the nests include tree branches, fence posts, behind window shutters, beneath roof awnings, in hollow tree trunks, on stacked wood, or even on the window and door frames. After locating the nest, you can then proceed to determining the approximate number of hornets or wasps on the nest and how to best get rid of them.

Choose An Elimination Technique

While it may seem simple, wasp elimination can be a rather daunting task. Several factors need to be considered to avoid getting hurt and ensure that the process is completed successfully and the results are long-term. Some level of skill and expertise is therefore important in determining the best control method for hornets & wasps. Spraying directly into the nest is an example of the control strategies you can implement to get rid of these pests. It is critical to opt for an insecticide spray that is specifically meant for wasps and hornets.

This should however be done at night since it is the time that they are least dangerous. Vacuuming is another viable strategy for eliminating wasps and hornets. Using the regular household vacuum cleaner, suck the insect into the vacuum through the extension hose. You can then dispose of the bag. Another way of getting rid of wasps and hornets is by smoking them out. This should also be done at night as it may get them agitated during the day which may lead to serious bites.

Prevention Measures

After getting rid of these flying insects, the next step is employing an effective prevention measure. This can be done by spraying a mixture of soap and water on places they are most likely to infest. You may also use vinegar or plant flowers and plants that repel them. Following through with every step of this procedure ensures that you not only successfully eliminate the wasps but also keep them out for longer.