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Hornets & Wasp Control Services In Columbia, SC


Most people often think of hornets and wasps as two different types of insects in Columbia, SC. But did you know that technically, all hornets are a subspecies of wasps, and some wasps are hornets? Hornets and wasps build the nest which is made up of wood that has been chewed to make a pulp. In a nest, there is the queen who is protected by the workers in the nest. They are considered as pests especially those found close to where humans live as they can be very aggressive and anyone they perceive as a threat to their colony. 

Hornets & Wasp Exterminators

Hornets and wasps have painful stings, and they can sting their prey repeatedly, not only that they can also mobilize the whole colony just for one attack which can be very deadly. Due to this, it is not advisable to try and remove them from the house yourself unless you are a professional. In Columbia, the buzzing sound most people mistake for bees is that of hornets or wasps, and their unpredictability makes it hard for people to stay safe with them around. For example, you might walk past hornets today, and they won’t even pay attention to you, and the very next day they will attack you for doing just that.

Here are some examples of hornets and wasps and how you can identify them:

  • Yellow Jacket: These are groups of wasps that usually have a yellow color on their bodies. Their nests are mostly built in secluded places. They are not as aggressive as the Hornets but will attack in groups when they perceive any danger. Because their nest is built in secluded places, you can’t get rid of them easily yourself and will have to enlist the services of a hornets and wasps control company near you.
  • Bald Face Hornets:  These are relative to the yellow jacket wasps and are the most aggressive. They attack in groups and will sting their prey repeatedly. They are quite large, larger than the wasps. Their sting contains venom that makes it more painful, itch, and swell. If you have a bald-faced hornet or any other hornet invasion in your house, please do not try to remove it yourself as it is very dangerous. So contact an exterminator instead to do the job.

Whether it is a hornet or wasp, when you hear a buzzing noise or suspect anything of such, don’t be the hero because this pest can easily turn the table and harm you a lot. Call a licensed pest control company and have them safely removed.