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Hornets & Wasp Extermination Cost In Columbia, SC


Hornets and wasps are some pretty dangerous pests whose extermination should be left to the professionals. When they feel threatened, they get aggressive and their sting is very painful and can cause some serious inflammation. What makes them even more dangerous is the fact that they can sting multiple times in Columbia, SC. It is therefore advisable to always get the services of a professional to handle the wasp problem anytime your home is invaded.

Eliminating Hornets & Wasps

One of the reasons most homeowners tend to shy away from acquiring professional wasp and hornet extermination services is due to the related costs.  Below are some of the factors that influences the cost of hornet and wasp extermination.

Type Of Wasp/Hornet

The type of wasp or hornet you are looking to get rid of is among the factors that determine the prices of the extermination services. There are more than 30,000 species of wasps with each one of them varying in size, number per nest, and the amount of pain and inflammation caused by the sting. Some of the most common species are paper wasps, yellow jackets, and bald-faced hornets. The more deadly a wasp is, the higher the cause of extermination. Wasps are social insects that live in communal nests. The number of wasps varies in one nest depending on various factors including the type of wasps. This is another way in which the type of wasp influences the costs of extermination.

Location Of The Nest

Another critical element that plays an important role in the price of extermination is the location of the nest. Various wasp and hornet species nest in different places. While some species will nest in building eaves and under window and door frames, some nest in trees, shrubs, or even underground. Some of them will also go into the cracks and crevices on the walls. When giving you an estimate of the extermination service, this is one of the factors that professional wasp exterminators use to draw an estimate. The location of the nest determines how much work needs to be done to get rid of the pests. A wasp nest that is located in an open place such as the window or door frame is easy to exterminate, making the price of extermination relatively low. For those that are located in high places such as tall building heaves or in hidden areas such as cracks and crevices, then you are likely to find the charges slightly higher.

Methods Of Extermination & Treatment

The treatments used in exterminating the wasps and hornets also play a key role in determining the general cost of the service. The treatment will depend on factors such as the population of the wasps, their location on the premises, and the species of the wasps. When the method of extermination is not labor intensive, then the charges are bound to be lower than when the method is labor intensive.