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How To Get Rid Of Termites In Columbia, SC


The amount of damage that termites can cause within a short period is unimaginable in Columbia, SC. If left uncontrolled, termites will do more than just take away the visual appeal of a structure, but will also reduce its structural durability and limit its functionality. Termites live in colonies and whenever they invade a property, they do it in large numbers. Every property owner needs to be aware of signs that may indicate the presence of termites on the property.

How To Get Rid Of Termites

As soon as you notice that you may be facing a termite infestation, you need to spring to action and find out the best termite elimination techniques. Although getting rid of termites is quite a daunting task, with the right guide on how to do it, you are likely to find it simpler than you had imagined. Just like with any other pest control procedure, termite control should begin with an inspection of the premises. Termites vary in species and the ideal treatments vary from one species to the other.

For accuracy during control, you must establish which termite you are dealing with. Some of the common types of termites are Dry-wood termites, Damp-wood termites, Con-head termites, Formosan termites as well as Subterranean termites. During the inspection, you should also aim at locating the entry points, the possible attractions, and most importantly, the location of the nest. Begin by cutting their supply of food.

Some of the easy food sources for termites are piles of wood, paper, and any plant parts containing cellulose. You should also remove or properly store plant debris as these are commonly their primary sources of food. While this is more of a prevention procedure, it also helps in getting rid of termites as it makes it easy for the property owner to bait and subsequently poison them. The termites that walk to the surface are most of the time the workers and the soldiers. Killing these termites does very little in getting rid of the infestation as the queen breeds pretty fast.

For a brilliant outcome, you will need to target the queen. After locating the colony, doing this is rather simple as properly poisoning it will end up killing the queen. Several pesticides are formulated primarily for termites. Most of these are liquids that need to be mixed with water and poured into the termite colony. You will however need to ensure that you get close enough to the queen before the pesticide is applied. The use of bait is also a viable option but does not usually guarantee optimum results. Here, poisoned termite food is placed in strategic locations where the worker termites get to them easily. The workers then feed on and carry some of the poisoned foods back to the nest. This helps in poisoning the rest of the nest and may even affect the queen.

For long-term results, you will also need to keep your property free of any substances that may attract termites to it. If there are easy entry points, you should also make a point of blocking them up. Doing this goes a long way in ensuring that you do not experience a termite problem in the future. Having termite protection by a local exterminator guarantees you to get rid of termites for good.