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Termite Control Methods & Products In Columbia, SC


Termites are bugs in Columbia, SC that serve an excellent purpose in the world. They ravage dead wood, vegetation, trees, and other cellulose material. They break them down into fertile soil. That’s all good until the wood or cellulose they are trying to digest is at the heart of your home. That’s when you need to swing into action. You need to have termite protection on your home by a professional company

A Quick Guide to Termite Control

The trouble is that termites can cause adverse damage to just about any structure, from concrete slabs and brick to our favorite wood. No structural element in your home is immune to termite infestation. They can harm your home value, and ultimately cost you lots of money in repairs. Did you know termites cost US homeowners over $5 billion in damages yearly?

Know Your Enemy: Three Common Types of Termites

  • Subterranean: The colony of these termites nests underground, and requires contact with soil to sustain life-supporting moisture levels. They are the most abundant in the US, and come in several subspecies, with Formosan termites being the most ruthless.
  • Drywood: This type forms colonies in above-ground wood. They don’t need soil contact to survive.
  • Dampwood: You might not have to worry about this type. Often found in wet or decaying wood, these termites call for constant dampness and humidity to survive.

How bad is the termite infestation? It all boils down to how early the infestation is discovered. You see, these nifty invaders work invisibly and quietly, sawing into your wall studs, cutting into your floor joists, and turning the heart of your house inside out. That’s the worst thing about termites: they inadvertently conceal the damage until it is too late.

Control Methods: Prevent Termites From Taking a Huge Bite From Your Bank Account

Repair Leaky Ruts, Faucets, and Gutters Start with leaky faucets; they are termites’ magnets. Besides, you need to check other areas outside or inside your house where moisture and water might build up. Conduct a Thorough Inspection Stopping termites boils down to knowing what they are looking for. Oftentimes that means wood as well as carpet, paper, or cardboard. Carry out a top-down check of these spots.

But, just to be on the safe side hire a professional to do a more thorough inspection Remove Termite Attractions It’s often best to get rid of paper, lumber, mulch, plants, firewood, or cardboard littering around the side or foundation of your house. None of these items should be within 25 ft. Seal Tight Your Foundation Check for other potential entryways for these invaders -- and seal them tightly.

Termite Control Products

For Subterranean:

  • Use bait and monitoring stations
  • Apply termiticides

For Dampwood:

  • Remove moisture
  • Apply termiticides

For Drywood Termites:

  • Try gas fumigation, heat treatment, or targeted application of termiticides.