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Home Remedies & Treatments For Spiders In Winston-Salem, NC


While spiders help keep mosquitoes and fly away, they can be pretty dangerous to you, your pet, and your family. If you have babies or aged people in your home, preventing and keeping spiders away from your home is a must.

Spider Management Made Easy!

The following tips are the most effective home remedies for spider extermination in Winston-Salem, NC. By following these few easy steps, you have a great shot of controlling and preventing these unwanted pests.

Eucalyptus Oil  

Spray some eucalyptus oil in cracks, crevices, corners, and any other place where you have seen spider activity in your Winston-Salem, NC home. The strong smell of the oil will send the spiders away at once. You are recommended to place some eucalyptus leaves in your drawers, under the furniture, inside the closets, and in other infested areas to get rid of spiders.         


Spiders hate the pungent smell of onions. Cut onions into slices and boil them in water for few minutes. Using a spray bottle, spray the solution in cracks and crevices on the wall as well as windowsills and doorways. Repeat the process daily until all spiders are completely gone.


Lemons contain citric acid which is repellent to spiders. Rub some lemon peels where spiders frequent. For instance, you can rub on the corners, crevices on the wall, bookshelf, and around windowsills. This natural remedy will drive spiders out of your home with little or no effort involved. Alternatively, you can cut small pieces of lemon and squeeze out some juice. Mix the juice with water and spray on cracks, crevices, door frames, window panes, corners, and other spider-prone areas.                                                                                                                          


Once swallowed, borax disrupts the stomach of spiders and harms their nervous system. Sprinkle some borax powder in infested areas and repeat daily for great results. You are recommended to keep borax away from children and pets since it is toxic. If you have any question regarding home remedies for spider extermination, complete the contact form on our website and we will respond to your inquiries shortly.