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How To Get Rid Of Fleas In Winston-Salem, NC


Sometimes pets bring fleas into our homes which then drop their eggs deep in the furniture, carpet, and even pet's bedding. The various life stages of fleas make it pretty difficult to completely get rid of them.

Flea Exterminator Services

The following is how you should prevent and completely get rid of a flea infestation in your home. The best way to make sure your fleas are gone for good is by contacting your local exterminator today. 

Treat Your Pet Regularly

After going for a walk in the park of Winston-Salem, NC with your pet, make it a habit to use a special flea comb through their fur. Start with the head, ears, underarms, legs, and tail. Run the comb through the fur and dip it in a solution containing liquid dish soap and offer great treats to prolong the treatment. You could also dip it in some essential oils that won't be harmful to their skin.

It is possible they could be sensitive to the essential oil so you may want to test a small area at first.  Combing out fleas is just a temporary measure. Your main aim is to kill fleas that are currently present on your pet as well as those that will hop on your pet later. Reliable local exterminators for fleas can recommend great products that will not only kill the existing fleas on your pet but will also prevent fleas from jumping on your pet.

Clean Your Home Thoroughly

Since fleas love dark places, sweeping, mopping, and vacuuming your home regularly will help get eggs, larvae, and pupae out of floor, carpets, and upholstery. Also, regularly wash the toys of your pet and bedding as well.

Get Help From Professionals

If the flea infestation is out of your control, you should contact professional local exterminators for fleas for help. After the first treatment, the reliable pest exterminator company will treat your home again after three weeks to avoid re-infestation. The major benefit of getting help from a pest exterminator company is the fact that they will help you get rid of all flea life stages at ease.