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3 Best Ways To Get Rid Of Moths


Moths are the type of insects that feed on woolens, furs, fabrics, leather silks, and the like. Moths naturally fall into two categories, some ingest food that humans eat, and some feed on materials that contain fiber. Moth infestations don’t necessarily happen in pantries or kitchens alone, for some instances, infestation and nesting happen inside closets and cabinets.

Moth Extermination Made Simple

Moths can be brought into your homes by much bigger pests such as rats or birds. Another way these pests can be introduced to your homes is through welcoming moth or larvae-contaminated food in your homes such as bins for different types of grains. Moreover, you should be worried for both the adult moths and their larvae. The larvae are the ones that can destroy your clothes whilst the fully grown moths are the ones responsible for reproduction of their kind. Here are 3 best ways we have gathered to help you get rid of these pests:


As we’ve said, you are supposed to look out for both adult moths and their larvae. There are some substances created to kill moths but cannot kill larvae. This is why it’s important to do some vigorous vacuuming to get rid of living moths and the future generation of moths. If you store food and clothing pieces neatly and correctly, moth larvae will still eat and survive through the crumbs. This makes it beneficial to do regular vacuuming to pull out such small larvae eggs and pupae from different rags, carpets, and other furniture in your home. You may use a machine with a HEPA filter to get into potential breeding spots for these creatures.

Peppermint Leaves

Insects as small as Moths are very much repellant to smelly tangy substances produced by natural essential plants such as mint leaves or lavender. You can use either in treating moth infestations in your home. Just like most pests, these creatures seem to weaken whenever they are around smells that their body cannot take in. Particularly, those that are strong in smell and can ultimately produce oil that is beneficial for humans. You can place peppermint leaves along your windowsills and door openings. If you prefer to use peppermint oil, it’d probably have the same effect. You just have to mix the mint oil with water to create a more misty substance suitable for spraying.

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