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Interesting Myths And Facts About Cockroaches


Nothing can be more unwanted than the cockroach. The filth they bring and the diseases they can cause are enough reasons for you to hate them, and eliminate them from your homes. Yet, cockroaches are very interesting creatures, so much so that so many things are written about them. Some are myths, some are legends, and many are facts. In this article, I have done some research for you, so that you would not have to.

To the residents of Jamestown, cockroaches are no more than disease-carrying, filthy pests that need to be removed from their homes. If they have successfully invaded your homes, then it will be a good idea to call in the best pest experts in Jamestown NC: Go-Forth Home Services.  

Cockroach Eggs on the Envelope

There was this story of a lady who worked in a post office  One day, this lady licked the envelopes instead of using a sponge. After a week, this lady discovered an abnormal swelling in her tongue, and it was painful. She went to the hospital to have it checked. The doctor, noticing that the lady was in pain, prepared her for surgery. When the doctor cut her tongue open, out came a cockroach!

Many people fell for this story. Fortunately, there were no such documented cases. After all, cockroach eggs cannot survive inside a human’s mouth. For such reason, this story is simply called an urban legend.

Do Cockroaches Fear the Light?

Cockroaches do not actually fear the lights that are placed on them. It is just a signal that humans are nearby, so they tend to scurry away from the light and go towards their hiding places.

Interesting Facts About Cockroaches

1. Cockroaches have been around for more than 300 million years, and there are no signs that they are going away soon. Fossils have been found to support this.

2. There are more than 3,500 species of cockroaches, and of this number, 70 are in the United States.

3. The four most common cockroach pests in the United States are the American, German, Oriental, and brown-banded cockroach.

4. The name American cockroach is a misnomer.  It actually came from Africa and the Middle East. This is the most common of all species. The adult female can lay as many as 150 eggs a year.

5. German cockroaches are considered as the most troublesome. These are the cockroaches you would usually find in restaurants and hotels because they like sugary and starchy foods.  

6. In some countries, cockroaches are food. China, Thailand, and Mexico are some of the countries that breed cockroaches and use them as food.  

7. A cockroach can live up to a year.

8. Cockroaches have wings, but only a few species can fly.  The American cockroach uses their wings to glide from a higher point to a lower point but is not a very good flier.

9. Cockroaches can eat anything, no matter how dirty, and they do not get sick in doing so. They can eat spoiled and rotten food, fecal matter, and dead animals. Garbage, and even their own. When they crawl on these things, the bacteria and viruses attach to their legs, making them carriers of the disease.

10. Cockroaches are capable of contaminating your food with their urine, droppings, and saliva. Cockroaches are known to make you sick with cholera, diarrhea, staph infections, and even food poisoning.  

11. Breathing dust containing cockroach droppings or even their body parts can cause allergic reactions and asthma. Children are the most common victims of this.

12. Cockroaches can live for one month without food, and one week without water.

13. If you ever wonder why you do not see cockroaches during the day, it is because they are night creatures. They rarely go out during the day because they tend to be inactive. However, if the place is heavily infested by the roaches, some tend to go out during the day to look for food. 

14. If you plan on killing a cockroach, do not start off by cutting their heads. They do not die immediately that way. In fact, cockroaches can still live for a week without their heads. They do not need their heads to breathe, because they use the holes in each of the segments of their bodies to breathe air. They only die after a week because, well, they would not be able to drink water.

15. Cockroaches can even bite humans. They do so in your sleep, but you do not feel it. You would only see a red, swollen area where they bit you.

16. Cockroaches give off the gas; in other words, they fart.

17. Cockroaches can live without air for 40 mins.

18. Cockroaches also bleed, but not in red blood. They have colorless blood. Female adult cockroaches occasionally have orange-colored blood.

19. Contrary to popular belief, an unclean home is not the reason for cockroach infestation. Cockroaches are very good hitchhikers, and they can hitch a ride from boxes, packages, furniture, and other items that have come from other places. Once they get in through these methods, then they can easily breed inside your homes, thus beginning their invasion.

20. Cockroaches do seem like they are immortal, but they actually cannot survive in extremely hot or cold temperatures. They can survive if the temperature is lowered gradually, but not when they are thrust into the cold instantly.

21. Cockroaches do not have the ability to crawl backward. That is why we hear of such horror stories like those that get stuck in humans’ ears. Cockroaches can enter your ear while you sleep, but would not be able to go back out. This can cause pain and infection in the ears.

22. German roaches emit pheromones that attract other roaches into the area.  

23. Cockroaches tend to run towards humans, but not to attack. They just try to avoid air currents, which leads them to our direction.  

24. Cockroaches can be good for Mother Nature because they are food for other animals like birds and lizards. The pests that we know them to be are just a very small fraction of the entire species.

25. Cockroaches like the feeling of being surrounded by hard material on all their sides. That is why they seek the comfort of cracks and crevices.

The Fact Is, Cockroaches Are Pests That You Should Get Rid Of

It is highly unlikely that you would want to keep the cockroaches for a company in your home or in the office. Here are some of the ways to get rid of them:

  • Cockroaches are always on the lookout for food sources. Keeping your food out of their reach would be a big factor in keeping them away. Place your food in sealed containers.
  • Regularly throw away your trash. Cockroaches eat anything that is available, which includes whatever you throw away.  
  • Do not let your dishes and other kitchen utensils stay in the sink overnight. Wash them so that it will not attract the roaches.
  • Use diatomaceous earth. Sprinkle it on areas frequented by cockroaches. When cockroaches crawl on these, they get tiny cuts in their bodies which will eventually cause their deaths.
  • Seal off cracks and crevices by caulking. These can be used as entry points by the cockroaches.  
  • You may also use insecticides to control their population.
  • If cockroach infestation becomes too overwhelming, there are pest control professionals in your area who can help.

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About Jamestown

Jamestown is a small town that was founded in 1816. The first known inhabitants of this area were the Keyauwee Indians during the 18th century.  By the 19th century, European settlers came, mostly Quaker families. Jamestown was named after James Mendenhall, a Quaker from Chester County, PA who came into this area with his family. However, the development of the area was spearheaded by his son, George, who developed the plan for the village that would eventually be named Jamestown. 

Today, Jamestown has a population of 3,300. It has that small-town charm, and at the same time is just minutes away from the bustling Triad region where a lot of the residents work. Jamestown has progressed within its reach. With its growing population, the number of residences as well as business establishments is growing in numbers too.