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Ant Exterminator Company In The Piedmont Triad


The Piedmont Triad or commonly referred to as the “Triad” region is located at the central part of North Carolina. It is composed of three major cities, merely surrounding it. The said cities are named to be Greensboro, High Point, and Winston-Salem. One of which we’re sure you’re familiar about thus the name is widely famous. These cities belonging to the Triad region belong a form of a Combined Statistical Area that caters to about 5,954 square miles; allowing the city to house an estimated population count of 1,611,243 people during the year 2012. The said number is expected to have grown since then especially in this year. The land density and the population count has also made the region to be listed as the 33rd largest combined statistical region in the entire United States.

Moreover, the Piedmont Triad area is connected by four major Interstate highways specifically: Interstate 40, Interstate 85, Interstate 73, and Interstate 74; one of which leads directly to the Piedmont Triad International Airport. This said area is also known to cater to the manufacturing and transportation processes of the southeastern United States. Not only that, but the said region is also known to be one of the places in the U.S. to have taken care of the environment, infrastructures and especially the culture and history that comes along with it.

Being situated in the North Carolinian region means that the Piedmont Triad area poses to have the same type of climate the other surrounding states experience. And that is a humid subtropical climate. This type of climate allows for the temperature to be very much like that of a tropical country’s. Only, the difference is that the people still get to experience slight snow, autumn and winter seasons. Their summer seasons are much longer compared to the other three.

This change of seasons and high humidity level in the wind contributes greatly to the warmth generated by the wind and the heat that is experienced when the sun is high up. Usually, when damp places are formulated, it creates an invitation for the different type of pests to dwell in it such as ants that come in not groups, but in colonies.

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