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How To Eliminate Bed Bugs


Pests can bother you at any time of the day – even when you are sleeping. Yes! Bed bugs are pests that can annoy you even when you are sound asleep. Having this pest inside your home is not good since it can cause bites that are itchy.

No matter how big or small your home is, bed bugs will infest your place as long as they find the perfect host. They will feed on your skin until they are full which you might not notice unless it gets itchy. On the other hand, don’t be overconfident that bed bugs are not present in your home because they can hide in places you have never imagined – bags, clothes, mattress, luggage, and bedsheets.

If you have been seeing bed bugs in your place but doesn’t know how to eliminate them, here are ways on how you can get rid of these bed bugs successfully.

Lessen the mess inside your home

The clutter found inside your home can help in spreading bed bug infestation. The mess inside your home can be a safe place for bed bugs as they can hide inside for a long period. If you don’t want those bed bugs to linger on the mess like piles of magazines or newspaper, you can seal them in a bag which cannot be infiltrated easily.

Wash bed sheets or garments regularly

The bed sheets you use, and the garments you wear are a haven for bed bugs. Since insecticides are not good for your sheets and clothes, you have to wash them regularly to remove those pests easily. Also, have it laundered on hot water to kill those bugs.

Clean your home

One way to simply eliminate bed bugs is by cleaning your humble abode. Sweeping the floor is a good one. Also, vacuuming the house is the bests as it can absorb all the dirt, dust, bed bugs, and eggs easily. Don’t forget to vacuum the corners of your home, furniture, carpets, mattress, etc.

Disassemble your bed

Your bed is the best place for bed bugs to dwell as it is easy for them to get close to their host. If you want to eliminate them, better disassemble your bed to check where bed bugs are living. This will help you to find them easily and have them treated.

Call a professional exterminator

Sometimes, doing all the possible ways may not remove bed bugs so the best way is to call a professional exterminator who can perform inspection and treatment for bed bugs. A professional exterminator for bed bugs can easily find where pests are staying and knows what kind of treatment can eliminate bed bugs successfully. Also, a professional can provide a follow-up visit to check whether the treatment worked and if there are possible future damages.

Bed bugs are hard to deal but if you know what to do, rest assured that those pests will be gone in no time. If you are looking for cheap pest control treatments in Chapel Hill, call Go-Forth Pest Control, and you are good to go!