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Purchasing A Termite-Free Home In Hickory, NC


We have all dreamed of buying our own homes. Show me a person who says otherwise and I will tell him he is not telling the truth. When we raise a family, giving them a nice roof over their heads is among the top priorities alongside food, clothing, and education.

Right from the very beginning, a house is what we have long saved for. Yes, we could have spent all of our income buying gadgets, going out to parties, eating and drinking, and buying nice clothes and shoes and jewelry, right? Maybe at one point, we did, but eventually, some sense has been knocked into our heads and started looking towards the future. A nice home would be the crown jewel of all our investments.

This is the reason why it is very important to be very careful when purchasing a house. For some, a brand new house is the only way to go. Of course the advantages are plenty: you can have the builder customize a home to your liking; a new home will be more energy efficient because it has a more modern heating systems and a modern level of insulation; they are more environment- friendly as new homes emit less carbon dioxide; it uses the latest in security standards; you have a choice on fixtures and finishes and it will be easier to put in whatever you like. And of course, everything will be new and unused. A new house will always be whatever you want it to be.

But of course, there are some who prefer a used house, mainly because of the location. When buying a house, some Americans prefer a house that is just a few minutes drive from work, or from school. Some prefer a house because of its proximity to a commercial area. Also, older homes have that special charm you would not find in a brand new house. If you are looking for that big backyard where you can have barbecue parties, big lovely trees, and an established yet friendly neighborhood, you will find it right where an older house is. It is also less expensive to buy an older house of course.

If you are then looking to buy a used house, exercise due diligence. Some homeowners are reluctant to disclose critical information about the house. Is it a safe neighborhood? Is it a flood prone area? And of course, the age-old question: Is it termite infested?

Some homeowners will hide the fact that their homes have termites because this might either diminish the value of their house or ruin their chances of a sale altogether.

Have A Licensed Professional Inspect Your House

On the other hand, if you are the homeowner wishing to sell your house, you can get a pest expert to inspect it and acquire a Wood Destroying Insect Report. The law requires all pest control companies to be licensed by the state. In this case, the best name to trust is Go- Forth Pest Control Company.  Go- Forth has a well trained, highly efficient team who can help you get a Wood Destroying Insect Report for your property.

Go-Forth has been serving residents of Hickory, NC since 1959. For immediate assistance, contact us.