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7 Tips To Keep Your Home Pest-Free


Do you know how creepy crawlers, such as cockroaches, get into your home? Follow these 7 tips to keep away these annoying, dangerous pests to ensure good long-term health.

Keep Pests Out Of Your Home

Regardless of the season, household pests continue to invade homes more often. For instance, spiders, cockroaches, and rodents are increasingly active indoors all through the autumn seasons. Let's not make it any longer.

These are seven of the essential tips to ward off creepy crawlies:

  1. Do Seasonal Checks: Numerous pests find shelter, especially during colder months. Hence, make sure always to check the areas of your home where rodents or other pests may be living. Check for small holes and cracks in which pests could enter. Repair any small holes in the foundations or roof to get rid of small rodents and insects.
  2. Seal Any Holes, Openings, Or Cracks In Your Doors And Windows: You don't want to give rodents and pests quick access in your home. Thus, it makes sense to seal up any openings, holes, or cracks both in your doors and windows. Pest control companies mostly recommend blocking up gaps above and underneath the sink because a lot of pests use it to get into the water source.
  3. Clean Your Kitchen & Other Areas Of Your Home: Your kitchen is a part of your home where slugs, rodents, moths, cockroaches, and ants are more attractive to because of food debris. So, keep your kitchen always sparkling. Clean away all possible food sources. Additionally, clear up split food, wipe down the surfaces, and dispose of the uneaten food of your pet.
  4. Store Your Food Properly: Keep all your food in lockable or tight containers. Do not store in a cardboard box as some pests find it easy to get into. For the fruits, place them inside the refrigerator to prevent fruit ants and flies.
  5. Dispose Of Waste Appropriately: Other than the food you eat, animals can feast on your waste and leftovers as well. Never let this happen. All your bins should be emptied every day and have a tight lid. Also, store them away from your home entrance. It is common for squirrels and raccoons to tear open garbage bags and create a real mess.
  6. Trim Bushes & Trees: Not clearing away clutter means giving pests a house they can live in. Besides cardboard boxes, newspapers, and wood, bushes, and trees are also perfect hiding places for pests. Keep the branches away from your roof edges. Store heaps of bricks and woodpiles away from your home.
  7. Schedule Pest Inspection: Most importantly, invest in scheduled inspections. This way, you can be able to stay on top of household pests and ensure critters do not ever get an opportunity to chase you in trouble. Go-Forth Home Services offers reliable pest inspection that you can trust. Schedule inspections at least twice a year. There you have it – our 7 important tips to help you enjoy a pest-free home. Implement them properly and you will surely see a huge difference afterward!