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Ant Control Company Near High Point, North Carolina


High Point is a small city located at the state of North Carolina along its Piedmont Triad region. Most potion of the said city is included in the Guilford County while other parts of it scatters to the nearby counties namely Randolph, Davidson and Forsyth. During the year 2010, the estimated population count for the city was around 104,000, which gradually increased during the year 2014 to an estimate of 108,000. This city holds the rank of being the ninth on the largest municipalities in all of North Carolina and is in over the 200 on the list of the largest cities in the United States.

Moreover, High Point is known for three main things; furniture, textiles and bus manufacturing. Because of this, the city is also known for being the “Home Furnishings Capital of the World” or for the city’s slogan as “North Carolina’s International City” because of its twice a year furniture market that is known to attract at least 100,000 businesses and buyers from all over the world.

The climate in High Point, North Carolina isn’t necessarily cold but is actually much warmer and humid compared to the other states nearby. This is often because of the climate in the are which is known to be as humid subtropical. Meaning, winter season still comes but it comes in a much shorter period of time compared to the summer seasons which is experienced the longest through the year.

Places that have high humidity are those that can easily formulate habitable and ideal environment for different pests. Whether it be outdoor or indoor, it is important to keep our houses and spaces safe and free from any pest infestation. Here are some of the services that we offer:

Ant Control

Go-Forth Home Services is a company that deals even with what seems to be the simplest of pest problems. More often than not people mistaken ants as something harmless and relatively small. But when one looks at the entire picture, one will be able to see that ants usually come in groups and large colonies. This is what our team of pest control professionals are known to be specialize in – to deal with pest situations both general and advanced experiences. Entrust your ant control problem with Go-Forth Home Services

Termite Control

Next to ants comes termites  which is also known for different housing damages that it can create simply by nesting in one place. The reason why termites cause such damage to properties is probably because of the content that they try to look for in their food. They eat silky items which is highly present in our clothing, cabinets, wooden furniture and worse, wooden housing foundations!

Before termites or ants are even able to do much more extreme damages to your home, we suggest you call in the nearest Go-Forth Pest Control branch in your area to have it dealt with. Contact our team now and get the best pest control services!