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Different Types Of Pest Control Methods


Got bugs? Suffering from rodents or roaches? Is your home always attractive to pests? Knowing the different types of pest control methods is highly crucial to bringing back the health of your home. What are these methods we're talking about?

Be it human, plant, or animal, pests pose a serious threat to all living things. Various kinds of pests, including mosquitoes, termites, flies, and fungus hurt us, our food supplies, and our surroundings. You might not be fully aware, that you are sharing food with these pesky living creatures. Gross, it is!

But, wait! Before making strategies to control pests, you should identify first the type of pest that you're dealing with as well as their lifestyle. This will allow you to use the right method and get rid of them that easily. If you're unsure, it is best to consult a pest control company. Here are the different types of pest control methods available:

Organic Pest Control

An organic or natural method is usually preferred by those who want to constrain the damage caused by small animals and insects as well as ensure the safety of their kids, pets, and plants. In this case, you might want to use bait, trap, or spray. You can add poison in your bait; otherwise, insecticidal soap, oil, sprays, etc.

Chemical Pest Control

Some organic treatments do not produce an effective result, which is why some opt for chemical pest control. You can find thousands of chemical products available for use in both residential and commercial properties. These can be in a form of solids, liquid, or aerosols. However, keep in mind that some chemical products are very dangerous for humans and other living organisms.

Biological Pest Control

Biological is the method of using living organisms for the sole purpose of controlling the vermin population. What makes it popular is the fact that biological pest control (or bio-effector) is chemical-free and extremely beneficial. It can control insect populations, mites, etc.

Electronic Pest Control

Thanks to the advancement of technology, picking up home pests and eliminating them permanently are made possible.

Among the electronic pest control methods are electromagnetic and ultrasonic:

  1. Electromagnetic – affects the nervous system of species various such as mice. Though, it only repels insects and rodents.
  2. Ultrasonic – works by producing high-frequency, short-length sounds waves.

Hygiene Control

Simply putting it, a clean place doesn't attract pests. It doesn't leave food and a venue for pests to grow on and breed. Hence, always practice good hygiene at the office and/or home. Clean up every after a meal, throw residue and leftovers in a secured trash bin, wash the dishes, and keep all your household areas and items clean.  

Get Pest Control Services

Perhaps, the most effective method to exterminate pests in your home or office. Though when choosing a pest control company, make sure the professionals are highly trained with in-depth experience in the field. This ensures you'll be getting the most out of your dollars. In this case, Go-Forth Home Services could be what you need!